Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 12 October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with Mishra disconnecting Shanti’s call. Guddu says Happy uncle’s phone also got disconnected at the same time. Mishra/Happy Singh takes the call and asks Shanti to show his room. She shows him the room. Seeing Bittu sad in the market, Majnu asks the reason. Bittu scolds her. Majnu again asked him the reason for his sadness. Bittu says that he fell in love with Shanti’s cousin Nikki and asks him to be his messenger and hand over his messenger to Nikki. Majnu thinks of fooling Bittu and agrees. Bittu asks her to go and asks her what Nikki likes and what she likes. Majnu says that he heard the girls like flowers. Bittu gets happy.

Shanti cuts vegetables to Happy Singh and calls him Bhai Saheb/Bhai. He asks her not to call him Bhai. She says that she is like a family member now as he is living in their house and hence Mishra asks her to give all her work to Happy. Happy asks when did he say that and thinks that he wants to stay away from work for some time, but Shanti is forcing him to work even when he is disguised. Nikki reads poetry remembering Chintu. Happy praised his poetry. Shanti tells Nikki to forget Chintu and move on in life. Nikki asks how can she forget the days spent with Chintu. Mishra/Happy also remembers the same.

Sakina asks Mirza if she saw Nikki. He says yes, she is very beautiful. Sakina says that he wants someone to do all Nikki’s household chores the same way he does hers. He is confused and thinks she is asking him to marry Nikki and happily agrees. After realizing her intentions, she threatens to inform Noor. Mirza apologizes in fear and stops her. Sometime later, on the terrace, Shanti and Sakina feel offended by Nikki’s strange antics and convince Mirza to trace Chintu who was the 2006 batch topper of Government College.

Bittu reaches the haveli with a bouquet of flowers. Shanti asks if he is selling flowers today. Bittu says this is for new guest. She calls Happy Singh who tries to snatch the bouquet. Their fight begins. Nikki passes by, gets angry seeing the flowers, and says that she is allergic to flowers. Bittu says Happy’s friend sent it and forcefully gave it to Happy. Happiness drives him away. He then reaches the shop and sees that Majnu is trying to take over his shop. He scolds Majnu and tells that he is Mishra’s friend Happy Singh and had come to handle the shop in Mishra’s absence. Majnu gets scared and apologizes.
After some time, Bittu returns to Majnu and asks him if he found out what Nikki likes. He gives a long list of his favorite dishes. Bittu gives her money and asks her to gift it to Nikki. Mirza calls his friend Murari who was the topper and after much drama takes Chintu’s number. Mishra buys groceries in the market that Shanti has sent him to fetch groceries. He sees Brij walking nearby and falling down, runs and makes him sit, showing his concern in his original style. Brij recognized him.

Precap: No precap.

Co: H Hassan

Post Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 12 October 2021 Written Episode Update: Brij’s identity Mishra first appeared on telly update.


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