Pandya Store 9th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Episode starts with Anita asking if Ravi has heard anything. Krish says cake is here. Rishita gets happy. Prafulla says wait, how will you cut the cake, Rashmi has not come yet. Suman thinks why she didn’t come, Kanta is not answering now. Prafulla laughs and asks Rishita to cut the cake, Rashmi will not come, everyone is not as simple as Ravi to marry a wild man like Shiva. Ravi asks Praful to go home and take rest if she wants to spoil their happiness. Anita says she is right, you can go. Ravi says sorry on his behalf, Rishita cut the cake. Rishita says come, we will cut this together. He cut the cake. Rishita feeds cake to all of them. Dhara and everyone wishes her. Rishita says thank you, you organized a nice party for me, I love you. Dhara hugs her and asks Ravi to come. They hug. The procession of memories… drama…. Dhara gets a gift from Gautam. She reads his message….At least wear a party theme dress for me, I am waiting for you. She gets the dress. He gives her the message. She laughs.

He waits for her. The stream comes on the roof. She comes dressed in a dress, covered with a red cloth. Gautam Lal takes off the clothes. I made me play…..plays…she is ashamed. He holds her close and says I love you. She says I love you too. They get closer. He heard Dev coming upstairs on a call. She hides. Dev says it is good, I brought you here, I have applied for loan, check mail for bank. Gautam says fine, go downstairs and mail me. Dev asks what are you doing here at night. Gautam says I was watching the moon, I am walking, you also go. Dev sees Dhara hiding there. He laughs. He says fine, I will not let anyone come upstairs, don’t you come down, you can take fresh air. He says good night, sister-in-law. He runs. Dhara comes to Gautam. She says you do these childish things. He says I didn’t know that he will come. She says it is good, it was Dev, if it was Krish. He laughs and says then whole Somnath will come to know, it is your fault, you spoiled them, he was leaving, he teases me. He draws the stream closer. Gautam says whenever you get pregnant, my love for you will increase more, once you give me Tara, I will love you the most. he kisses her.

Prafulla asks Anita to write down what she is saying. Anita says you are making Ravi’s matrimonial profile. Prafulla says put a nice picture, I want to marry Ravi before Shiv. Anita says now you will get many calls. She puts Praful’s picture and profile in place of Ravi. Prafulla says I just want a good alliance for Ravi.

Its morning, Shiva gets ready. Krish comes and jokes. He asks why are you being gentleman for Ravi, Mahan. Shiv asks if this style is looking good. Krish says don’t worry, Ravi will fall for you. He dances. Shiva says mother can find someone else. Krish says I will throw her out, Ravi will handle her, I have to go to college, take mother’s medicines. He goes. Kanta asks Suman not to get angry, Rashmi did not come, this girl Disha is better. She says I told everything about Shiv, he is BA pass, his brother is NRI, he designs clothes too. Suman says Praful insulted me because of Rashmi. Shiva gets the medicine. Kanta says we were talking about you. She shows Disha’s picture. Suman tells her to leave, Shiva doesn’t care. Kanta goes.

Shiv says I don’t want to get married. Suman asks why, I am your mother, I know everything, Ravi will not come back, don’t think, everything is fine, it is temporary, I will marry you again. Ravi come. Shiva says this should be my wish, you listen to me. Suman says this is happening with your wish. He says I am correcting my mistake. Suman asks what are you doing, Dhara taught you, you don’t want to get married, I am watching everything, I will bring a new girl for you, the girl who insults you in public, she is not my daughter-in-law. Can become Shiva asked her to take medicines. He turns and sees Ravi. He goes. Ravi gives tea to Suman. Suman catches her and says I will get her married, even if she refuses, you bring the lehenga for the procession.

Anita kisses Gautam’s picture. Ravi burns the picture. She says I will never let you make this relationship. Anita says Dhara, Ravi thinks I am trying to trap Gautam. Dhara, Gautam and the family are shocked.

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