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  • “I was suffering from a serious illness,” he said
  • they went to rishikesh
  • “I thought I needed money for my survival,” he said

New Delhi:

Actor Sanjay Mishra started trending on Thursday courtesy of an interview with The Indian Express, where he recalled the time he used to work in a Dhaba Near the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh. A few years back, the actor moved to Rishikesh where he used to cook omelets and wash 50 cups a day, for which he was paid Rs 150. He told the Indian Express, “I was suffering from a serious illness. Doctors removed 15 liters of pus from my stomach and after recovery, I lost my father. I lost my life. So, I went to Rishikesh. went and started making omelets on a Dhaba Near the banks of the Ganges. NS Dhaba The owner told me that I would have to wash 50 cups in a day and I would get Rs 150. But then I thought I needed money for my survival.”

Things changed for the better when she got a call from filmmaker Rohit Shetty, who offered her a role in the film. Best wishes. He said, “People come here after working there for a day. Dhaba Started recognizing me they used to say ‘hey you are not in breakup‘ and wanted pictures with me. Then my mother used to call me crying and ask me to come home. Amidst all this, Rohit Shetty called me and offered a role in it. Best wishes. That’s when I decided to return to work.”

Sanjay Mishra has, over the years, acted in films like Satya, Rajkumar, Aankhon Dekhi, Zameen, Bunty Aur Babli, Welcome, Dhamaal to name a few. He is best known for starring in chaos Chain. them for the last time. was seen in success, Produced by Shahrukh Khan.


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