Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th October 2021 written episode, written update on Digihunt

Ishwari brings the dish for Sonakshi, she asks if she can open it, Sonakshi is shocked to see it so asks if Ishwari has made a Mediterranean dish for her, Sonakshi asks how did she know the recipe, Ishwari tells that Sonakshi taught her how to use mobile she talked to her and the recipe came which she made, Dev asks for what occasion did she make it, Ishwari replies how she appreciates him. Wants to do thought this way, Sonakshi tells that Ishwari made it like this Needless to say thanks, Ishwari mentions that Sonakshi has done a lot for the family but that’s all, no one ever did it. not seen and then explains that everything Ranveer said about her was true as she could very easily have left Dev to make her own little world but she didn’t and stayed to work and keep the family Put together, she never hesitates in spite of facing so many difficulties in that path, Ishwari hugs her again. Asks if she likes the dish in Bengali, So Nakshi is amazed and replies, Dev starts getting calls from Sanjana, Ishwari mentions that she has another gift that she will bring and by then she goes to the office. Work will have to wait.

Sanjana is trying to call Dev, she prays that he answers it as she has a very important thing to reveal but Dev is constantly rejecting her calls, she angrily trashes the watch. throws me in, Reena comes with sweet box, she questions how did the clock come in the dustbin, she asks if Sanjana did it herself, Sanjana is still worried why Dev sir doesn’t answer her call Reena replied that she would not answer it now.

The whole family is waiting when Ishwari comes with a box, Sonakshi asks what is in the box, Neha replies that the box is really important to Ishwari and she doesn’t let anyone touch it, Sonakshi Ishwari She asks what is in the box, Ishwari mentions that there is a family ritual in this box and then shows the bangles that they belonged to Dev’s grandmother, she tells how Sonakshi had earned them long ago but to give them. I am late, everyone is happy while Neha gets angry, Ishwari explains that Bade gives his faith to the daughters-in-law through these bangles and hopes they will keep the whole family, she knows that Sonakshi has this power. So she hugs him, Sonakshi tells that she doesn’t know how to thank Ishwari.

Dev is called by Sri Varma when Ishwari tells that she is worried, Sri Varma mentions that he wants to talk privately with Dev, Dev goes with him when Radha asks Ishwari if she wants to talk privately. As for what he wants to talk about, Mr. Verma mentions that he told Dev someone had come when he called him, he tells that Sanjana had come to their house, claimed to be his daughter-in-law’s sister, he tells As to how they got tensed as they never met anyone from their family, Dev asks if she was lying but Mr. Verma mentions that she is telling the truth and is Sohana’s aunt. Sonakshi asks if he has any proof when Mr. Verma mentions that he had an album of his daughter-in-law before marriage which turns out to be true, he shows the photo to both of them, Sonakshi says it means he Soha is Dev and Sonakshi’s aunt. Both are really tense but shocked to see Neha and Ishwari standing in the corner, Ishwari asks what is she listening, they both help her to sit on the swing, Ishwari asks what happened when they told her that They were none other than grandparents.

Ishwari asks Dev to take out Sanjana and send her away, she warns everyone not to let Sanjana even near her house, she asks Sonakshi to do everything possible to protect Soha, Neha tells that she does not agree with him as she is Soha’s aunt and they cannot keep blood relations away, there is no one other than Soha in Sanjana’s life, so do they know how much she will take care of him, Sonakshi tells that she is his daughter, Dev also mentions how he has always treated everyone with the same love, Neha tells that she was abandoned while being his sister, then what about Soha who is his Not part of the family, Sonakshi once again replies that Soha is their daughter, Neha admits but questions what will they do if Sanjana takes the legal route as she has the most rights over Soha, Sonakshi mentions Kiya that they will find a way out but till then no one will tell the truth to Soha, Dev also agrees, Soha is coming from behind and asks if she needs him. What should not be told. Neha goes to visit Soha and tells how she doesn’t think they should hide anything from Soha, she also wants to know the secret, Neha mentions that she will tell him and plans a surprise for her. But she is so smart so caught him, Soha demands to know the secret, saying that Sonakshi said that she makes really good greeting cards, she asks if Soha will teach her as she also wants to make one. , they both leave.

Dev gets a text from Sanjana with photo, she says this is proof so will Dev take her phone now, she receives a text from Dev asking her to come to his office at five in the evening, Sanjana Mentioning the words of the heart can be expressed, she shows the text to Reena, and says how one cannot express the feelings of her heart.

Sanjana walks into the office with Gulab, a colleague compliments her that she looks gorgeous, but Sanjana leaves without saying anything, she is walking into the office that they are meeting after so many calls. Not knowing how much she was longing for this meeting, Sanjana gets shocked when Sonakshi turns from the chair. Sanjana asks her about telling how she thought it was Dev who called her, Sonakshi replies that he called her from Dev’s mobile, Sonakshi questions if she thinks husband and The bond between the wife is not strong enough to keep secrets, she tells that they do not hide anything, Sanjana mentions that she thinks Dev is thinking wrong about her but she is telling the truth, Sonakshi says. Questioned whether she was going to win the contest, saying that it would have taken a long time to learn about her likes and dislikes, Sanjana mentions that she feels that even Sonakshi would not believe her when Dev didn’t. She is telling the truth. When she reveals her feelings, Sonakshi looks at her with great despair.

Precap: An angry Sonakshi warns Sanjana to take back all the steps taken towards Dev, she throws the flowers in the bin and says that she will never let Sanjana come near her daughter.

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Post Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 6th October 2021 Written Episode Updates: Neha insists on informing Soha about the truth which first appeared on telly updates.


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