Bigg Boss 15 has finally started and it has indeed been one of the top reality show and netizens have huge expectations from this season as well and we must say Bigg Boss has brought in their best contestants on board. Bigg Boss season 15 went on air on the channel from Oct 2, and officially on 4th October stated to be the housemates first official day in the house.

The contestants have already started showing off their tricks and technique to create a hold for themselves in the house and even to hold a place in the hearts of their fans. Talking about today’s episode, let’s take a look into the most misunderstood fight that happened between Pratik Sehajpal and Miesha Iyer. Pratik and Miesha seem to be some of the old buddies, who met on one of the reality shows. The duo seems to have connected a lot in their past, housemates are now trying to figure out their bond and want them to connect back with each other. But some of the other obligations take place between these two buddies.

Pratik who has a soft corner for Miesha was upset as he was being targeted for a false issue, which he did not intend to have. Miesha Iyer wasn’t allowed by Pratik to use the housemates’ washroom as the Jungelwasi’s washroom. Miesha was occupied as she just wanted to wear a garment under her short dress but she later decides to wear it in the luggage area as her female contestants were seen around her.

Pratik steps in and pokes Miesha following which loses her cool and shouts and Pratik while asking him to go away. Soon after Pratik loses his cool and tells her not to shout at him and Miesha was seen getting more irritated over him. Pratik tells her to go back instead he took a step ahead to clear his point and put his point over their argument. Miesha got pissed over Pratik’s behaviour and started crying, Vidha Pandya, seemed to have taken a stand for Miesha.

Shamita Shetty took a stand for the actor as she exclaimed that he isn’t right, but he didn’t have any intention to invade Miesha’s privacy, Shamity had further said that housemates are making him feel cornered. Karan Kundrra was also seen slamming the Pratik for the same

The actor later realised his mistake which he did not do purposely and took a step in heat of the moment, cleared his intentions with his long-due buddy Miesha Iyer.

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They both seem to share a very great bond in past, where Miesha also made sure that Pratik wouldn’t do things to hurt her or her personality. As per you, what you think is who was right and who was wrong. We can’t wait to see what all Dhamakas this season has to offer us, as the netizens have a high expectations from this season.

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