Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Rudra gets emotional after getting Saransh back in his memory and asks Saransh if he remembers everything. Saran says that Rudra is his father and Preesha is his mother. They both hug her and promise to never walk away from her. Saransh says that Ahana was very evil who used to give her injections and disguised as a girl to lose her money. Rudra says that he knows everything and nothing will ever go wrong with him again. Sharda carried forward the summary. Anvi apologizes to Preesha and says that she did not push Saransh. Saransh says he slipped and fell on the water, Anvi did nothing. Preesha hugs Saransh and Anvi. Sharda says God has made everything right, let us bid her farewell from here and reach Khurana’s house for her Griha Pravesh. Preesha completes her parting ceremony and leaves Armaan’s house. Sania taunts Armaan this is the first parting where the bride is happily leaving and the one who wants to stop her parting is crying. She advises him that he cannot separate Preesha and Rudra, so he should accept the fact and move on. Armaan decides to stop their honeymoon.

Rudra and Preesha reach Khurana’s house. Sharda tells Preesha to kick the rice urn and enter the house and then steps on the red water and walks to never go back. Preesha does the same. Sharda says that the house entry ritual of her house Lakshmi is complete. Rudra and Preesha then perform a ring finding ritual where Preesha wins first and Rudra says that he let her win. They play again and Rudra wins and rejoices. Vasu says let’s see who will win next. Rudra says he will do this time also. They search for the ring and Preesha wins. Rudra says he truly won as he is holding Preesha’s hand. Vasu says that they were trying to win each other, it is a sign of true love. Preesha and Rudra get into an argument.

Armaan enters Khurana’s house through a window, enters Rudra’s room, and spreads scabies powder on the bed to spoil Preesha and Rudra’s honeymoon and fixes a hidden camera to see it. . Once he tries to leave, Sharda sees him and asks what is he doing here. He says that he had come to take Anvi back. She says Anvi is down, how did he come up. He says from the main door. She says she was near the door. He says that he must not have seen her busy with the rituals. She says let’s see the ritual below. He walks with her and says that he has come to take Anvi back. Rudra says that he had come at the right time to see the rituals. Sharda asks Preesha and Rudra to cut barfi together. Rudra smiles at Armaan and performs the rituals. Armaan goes to Anvi’s mind apologizing to Preesha. After the ritual, Preesha says that she needs to put Saran to sleep. Saransh asks him to go with Rudra, he will sleep with Dadi.

Preesha and Rudra enter their room. Rudra gets romantic and says that he was looking forward to this moment and asks her to experience his oneness and love. Dil Mein Ho Tum Aankhon Mein Tum… The song plays in the background. He took off her jewelry and laid her on the bed. Armaan gets jealous seeing this. Rudra tries to get intimate with Preesha. She feels itchy. He asks not to give excuses. She says that she is really itching. Rudra finds the powder on the bed and says that there is some conspiracy on them. Preesha asks who must have done this. Rudra says that he will not let their honeymoon get spoiled and takes her to the bathroom and says that they will make a unique honeymoon like their unique love.

Precap: Rudra and Preesha make bed on the floor and get intimate. Armaan gets angry and says that he will not let this happen. Rudra hears the door knocking, opens the door and is stunned.

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Post Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Armaan’s tyrannical plan first appeared on Telly Updates.


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