The Kapil Sharma Show: Here’s What Dad Raj Kapoor Said After Randhir Kapoor Showed His New, Big Car?

This weekend Randhir Kapoor and daughter Karisma Kapoor attended The Kapil Sharma Show. While there, he shared a few anecdotes that told us about the life of the Kapoor family and more. During the said episode, Randhir revealed that once a beggar laughed at him because he used to drive a small car. The actor revealed that the incident hurt his ego and below is what he did almost immediately.

While interacting with the host, the senior Kapoor said that even though he was Raj Kapoor’s son, he had a normal upbringing and used public transport like buses and trains to travel. The actor, who became an actor by revealing that he bought a small car of his own, recalled how the beggar’s words affected him. He also told what his father told him when he showed him his car.

As per a Hindustan Time report, Randhir Kapoor – while on The Kapil Sharma Show said that one day a beggar laughed at the size of his car. When the beggar said, “Tum aisi gaadi mein jaata hai, picture mein toh long gaadi hai (this is the kind of car you have? In movies, you drive a fancy car),” his ego got hurt and he almost Went immediately to buy the ‘latest’ model of the car. He said that for this he borrowed some money from his wife Babita Kapoor and took some advance from his producers.

Then Randhir Kapoor said that he had gone to show Raj Kapoor a new purchase. Saying that Raj was happy for them, he rejected the suggestion to buy a similar car for himself. Recalling this, Randhir said that Raj told him, “Son, even if I go in the bus, will say Raj Kapoor is sitting in the bus. It is necessary for you, that people will see the car and you will also see it, Randhir Kapoor is going to that car (Son, if I take the bus, people will notice me. You need such a car, so that people can notice the car) and you too).

Now that’s some good advice.

Randhir Kapoor started his film career with the help of Lekh Tandon. He made his acting and directorial debut with Kal Aaj Aur Kal (1971). He has also acted in films like Jeet, Jawaani Deewani, Ponga Pandit and Haath Ki Safai.

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