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Pallavi goes to Keerti and asks is everything fine. Kirti says yes. Pallavi says I know things have changed but we are friends and I heard you and Sunny talking if you need then I am here for you, Keerti says I do not want this baby, Pallavi. Says everyone will be very happy, Keerti says I will plan later, my career is not set yet, how will I manage, Pallavi says it is not necessary that you have to leave work after having baby, too There are all successful women who have made it to success with their family and child, and you need a good support system. Me, Amma and Raghav are there for you, so think about your decision and whatever you take. I am with Kirti hugs her and thanks her. Sunny sees them and thinks that this Pallavi was a help at first.

Sunny calls Rocky and says Keerti is pregnant and no one can stop me from becoming the owner of this property, Sunny scares Raghav and says I will call you later and says congratulations Raghav your sister pregnant Hai, be happy, Pallavi goes to them, Sunny says congratulate me and leaves. Raghav sits on the stairs, Pallavi asks what is wrong, Raghav says my younger sister is going to be a mother, Pallavi says she doesn’t want a baby, Raghav says why will I talk to her, Pallavi says rest Do I did, maybe she is nervous, because things are about to change and I think she will have this baby and promise me you will accept Sunny and handle the baby situation carefully. Raghav says anything for this happiness.

Raghav says Pallavi I can celebrate right, little peg, Pallavi says do I look like Poorna, it doesn’t make any sense. Raghav Saya wastes time and leaves.

Pallavi gets Raghav food, Raghav says compensation for drinking so many dishes, Pallavi says absolutely not, you have good food because tomorrow you have blood test and you can’t eat for 12 hours, Raghav says fine and sees vegetable and asks what is it, Pallavi says mirchi salan, Raghav stares at it, Pallavi well asks why stare, Raghav says I will have it after long time and how did you do it Banana, Pallavi says boutique colleague gave me the recipe, I didn’t know you like it, Raghav says my past is coming back to me why, Pallavi asks what is past, Raghav says I knew someone who cooked this dish for me, Pallavi asks what Raghav calls my ex girlfriend, that’s why I stopped trusting women and her name is, Pallavi says I don’t want to know Raghav says but I want because strange things are happening, Pallavi says I don’t want to know about the past that made you so much. harmed. Raghav says he broke trust but you fixed it, you brought back love and trust in my life. Pallavi says awww but no drink has eaten your food and thinks oh his ex girlfriend.

In office Vijay sees that Raghav donates a lot to school, NGO, old age home and maybe he thought wrong about Raghav, Pallavi gives him breakfast and says I know that Aai is not at home, So get it back to work. Vijay says thanks, Pallavi says you are handling the accounts properly, is the situation good, as he has closed 3 shops, don’t get me wrong but for Raghav, money is everything, he is more than money. Feels safe and is changing because of me, Vijay says he will be fine, he has invested well and does a lot of chair and God will bless you both always, and I will share more secrets of my son-in-law Can’t share, Pallavi tearfully says first time you accepted her, Pallavi says first time you accepted her. Vijay says go now I have to work, Pallavi says ok eat and leave. Vijay says I can never forgive Raghav, that is why my son is in jail.

Sunny walks to her room and ignores Keerti, Keerti hugs her, I am sorry I did not know how to react, Sunny says I am sorry, I also reacted without understanding your side, What is your decision, Keerti says you decide whether you want diaper or crib. Sunny smiles.

Raghav and Pallavi accompany doctor to their room for their test, Raghav says let’s take blood so that I can get report by evening and start my drinking session, Pallavi says if you change them then I will Select report. Doctor says we have a strict doctor in hospital Dr. Isha says Raghav, Doctor says I am Dr. Isha. Raghav thinks why Isha’s nose is cracking so much that I am late to forget what is going to happen.

Isha goes to meet her boss and her boss says we will meet today at Jayati Jewels and you are our chief jewelery designer with a Vastu consultant so you will complete us and Raghav will also be there, Esha breaks her bracelet, Boss asks are you okay, she says yes.
Pallavi examines Raghav’s report and sees that the report is normal. Doctor says Pallavi your husband can drink now, Pallavi says no he can’t drink much like water, Doctor says he is small so his body can tolerate but in 2-3 years he gets cancer, Liver damage and the like will face issues. Fertility may be impaired, take care and contact if needed. Pallavi says wait for the fertility issues, I got the solution.

Pallavi gets a call from Raghav, Raghav asks all is well, Pallavi talks in an emotional tone and says I will come home and talk. Raghav tells Farhad that she looked upset, do I have a major illness, check the intern what all the problems can be caused by drinking alcohol, Farhad lists many diseases and also says death. Raghav says call the lawyer I want to make a will.

Isha walks into a room and sees herself and remembers her boss that she will meet Raghav Rao and says how will I face her, her name makes me so weak that how can I expose her hatred. I will

Pre Cap: Isha asks Pallavi how she came here, Pallavi says this is my house and Raghav is my husband. Raghav goes to them and sees that Isha gets angry. Isha dropped the plate.

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