Ghoom Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Bhavani tells Samrat that Sai is jealous of other’s happiness and Sai can’t stand it whenever she praises Pakhi. She says that he always sends Pakhi to Sai and Sai always insults Pakhi. Ashwini asks what is the use of these things when Sai has left home permanently and will not come back, now everyone should be happy. The emperor consoled Ashwini. Virat saw his mother crying. Shivani says that Bhavani is right that Sai did a good deed, she committed sins in this house and they should count her sins; First sin Sai thought about the happiness of the whole family, Second sin Sai bought harmonium with his scholarship money to fulfill his dream, Third sin Sai stopped Virat’s transfer and made him go away from his family. and reunited the 2 brothers; Her last sin is that she found the emperor and brought him home. When the whole family had lost hope, she should not be forgiven for reuniting a mother with her son and a wife with her husband; There are many other sins that she cannot reveal. Samrat asks Bhavani what she wants to say now. Bhavani shouts Shivani is blindfolded by Sai’s magic. Shivani says that not everyone can understand Sai’s kindness, they just see her small mistakes. Virat taunted him, that’s right, there was no drama due to Sai’s small mistakes. Shivani asks him to point out a mistake only because of Sai; In a recent mistake, if she had not locked Sai in a room, she would not have gone out of the balcony; Instead he is justifying his act. Ashwini asks to stop it now and tries to bring Sai back home. Where is Sai not?

Pulkit meets Dr. Karmarkar and inquires about Sai’s condition. Karmarkar says that his condition is very serious and he is badly injured. Pulkit asks what are his chances of survival. Karmarkar says that he cannot say anything right now. Pulkit gets worried for Sai. Back at home, Ashwini confronts the family to celebrate Sai’s departure. The emperor consoles her and says that he will find Sai and bring her back home. Ninad shouts that Ashwini is trying to provoke everyone. Samrat asks if they don’t want to celebrate Sai’s departure and asks Virat to accompany them to bring Sai back. Virat says Achhe Sai is gone, a third man cannot understand what is in the mind of 2 people; Sai was repeatedly saying that she wanted to leave this house; He tried his best to convince her, but she remained adamant; It’s good that she went and let him live wherever she wanted. The emperor says that he is right that a third person considers it normal, but only 2 people know about the truth; He is sad that Virat could not understand Sai, who left a family that loves him immensely; He knew that Sai and Virat didn’t have a good relationship, but they didn’t know that things would go to such an extent; Anyway after making Sai realize his mistake, Sai is the reason for him to return home and he doesn’t return home without Sai’s confrontation; If Sai does not return, he will feel that he is committing some great sin by staying here.

The doctors operate on Sai while Pulkit and Sai’s friend wait outside the OT in panic. At home, Pakhi asks Samrat if he forgot his wife because he feels she doesn’t exist for him or is insulting her. He asks when did he insult her. She asks if he wants to say that their relationship depends on Sai’s presence in this house. The emperor asks if she can deny the fact that they spent time together as Sai brought her back home. Ninad says that Pakhi is not the reason for Sai leaving, so he should not blame her. Ninad and Sonali spill venom against Sai as usual. Samrat asks if Sai never did good to this family and asks Virat why he could not overcome his differences with Sai and why he was not happy with Sai. Virat says Sai is gone and he doesn’t want to talk about Sai anymore. The emperor asks if Pakhi is the reason for his happiness; It is better to openly talk about the issue in Sai’s absence; If even Virat didn’t want him and Pakhi to be one because he still hasn’t forgotten Pakhi. Virat shouts a lot… and (playing the victim card) says that at least he should not misunderstand her, he clearly informs the whole family that he is Pakhi’s true friend, no one can express his feelings for Sai. does not understand.

Shivani says its good sai gone, even the emperor should return to Mahabaleshwar, Virat is not what she knew. Virat asks what did he do. She says that is the problem, he is just watching instead of doing anything. Bhav warns Shivani not to blame Virat. Onkar accused Sai of not understanding Virat’s feelings. Samrat says sometimes silence speaks a lot, Virat is blaming Sai, but he never tried to express his feelings for Sai. Virat says that he cannot tolerate all this and wants to go far away from here by getting transferred. Samrat says that he cannot do this as people will think that he has run away from the problem. Virat says he doesn’t care and asks if he wants her to commit suicide. Pakhi walks closer to Virat and asks him not to say such a thing.

Precap: Devi tells Bhavani that she told Virat not to go away from Sai because God has made them to be together or else something bad will happen. Samrat informs Virat over the phone that Sai is fighting for his life and needs her husband’s signature to start the surgery, if he is not busy he should come.

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