Aapki Nazarne Ne Gujhe 4th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Episode starts with Parul asking why are you looking for Rajvi. Nandini says everyone is looking for her. Winnie calls them and shows the notepad. She says I have written with a pencil, and it is a letter, see. She looks at the letter for Guru ji. Parul says that maybe she had gone to pick up Guru ji from the ashram. She calls Guru ji and asks did Rajiv come to pick you up, for Shobit and Charmi’s wedding, what, she didn’t reach. Winnie asks where is she. Parul takes Vini. Nandini thinks to find out from Charmi.

Shobit comes to Charmi. He asks are you not ready. He gets a call. She asks what, the lehenga cannot be delivered today, hey, don’t send the lehenga, there will be no marriage today. Argument. Nandini looks on. Charmi says you don’t care about mother but marriage, and your mother has gone somewhere. He tells her to shut up, think before saying anything. He says I cannot marry you. He goes. Charmi thinks I wanted this. Nandini thinks Charmi is smiling after hearing this, does she want to break the marriage, I should talk to her.

Nandini goes to him. Charmi cries. Nandini thinks she was misbehaving with Shobit, now she is crying, is she acting. Charmi asks her to find Rajvi and bring her back. Vipul says Toral, it was not Rajiv’s fault, I am warning you. Toral looks at her. Chetan says she cannot take revenge from Rajvi, look at her kingdom. Vipul asks why would she leave Shobit’s life. They take Toral to the guest room. Darsh asks where are you taking him. Vipul says she came in my room, I thought leave her in guest room. Darshan says new facility is coming to take him. Vipul thinks that if she is acting, she will know where Rajeev is, how should I send him. He says we will let him stay. Darshan says you wanted him to go. Vipul says if she turns violent there, then we will have to leave Shobit’s wedding. Nandini thinks to talk to Darsh about Charmi. Parul says Rajiv’s shoes are at home. Darshan says that maybe she has gone barefoot to the temple. Parul says I will tell Vipul, I will ask Shobit to get ready, Nandini you prepare Charmi. Darsh says I will go and bring Rajvi home. Shobit says I am worried about mother, I will not be ready. Parul comes and says that Rajvi has gone to the temple. Vipul asks her to get ready. Shobit says no, I have to talk to mother about Charmi. Nandini comes to Charmi’s room. She doesn’t see him. Shobit’s pick frame falls. Nandini gets shocked seeing Darsh’s picture backwards. She says why Charmi kept Darshan’s picture.

She says that maybe Charmi had kept this picture with her intentionally. Charmi comes to her room. His phone rings. Nandini says why Mrs. Patel is calling her. Charmi comes to her room and does not see anyone. Nandini hides. Charmi looks for her phone. Nandini thinks to unlock Charmi’s password. She enters Charmi and Shobit’s date of birth. She says it is not so. She tries to find the date of birth of Darsh. phone unlocked. Charmi goes to the hall to check. Nandini says why Charmi kept her password. She answers Mrs. Patel’s call. Mrs Patel asks did you stop your marriage or not, if you want I can make a drama to stop it. Nandini says I will manage. I came to know that Rawal had paid for Toral’s mental facility, says Mrs. Patel. Nandini ends the call. She says no, it can’t happen, it means, Charmi is acting to marry Shobit, she is eyeing Dars, poor Shobit, what will he do, how dare she look at Dars. She says Charmi wants Darsh, she loves him, so he insulted me, she hates me. She cries. She says that she doesn’t know what she is planning with Mrs. Patel. Shobit comes. He asks how can I think of marriage when mother is missing, I will return these marriage registration papers. He cries and says do some magic, save our family, bring back mother, its too late mother was gone. She says we will find Rajvi, everything is fine between you and Charmi. He says no, Darsh explained to him, she recovers a bit, but she has changed, she is not that hottie which I love. She thinks that she is eyeing Darsh now. Darshan comes and says I went to temple, mother is not there, sorry Shobit. Shobit says I told father that I will not marry till we find mother, return marriage registration papers. He goes. Darsh says poor Charmi, I will talk to her and come. He goes.

Nandini thinks I will talk to Darsh about Charmi later, its motive to find Rajvi. Charmi gets her phone. She says how did I not see this. knocks on the door. She starts crying and hugs him. She says what is happening, where did Rajvi go, I am worried, why there are problems in Shobit and my marriage. He says don’t take tension, we will find Maa. She asks him to find Rajiv. Jinal gets the fruit. She asks why did you ask for papaya, at this stage you should not eat papaya. Charmi says I said so by mistake. Darshan says don’t take tension, we will find Mum. He goes. Charmi asks Jinal to leave. She says plan was successful, marriage got cancelled, I have to win Jinal.

Bansuri says that something is recorded in it. Toral takes Darsh to Rajvi. Bansuri says I cannot believe that Charmi can go to this level. Nandini gets shocked.

To: Amena

Post Aapke Nazarne Ne Samjha 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini suspects that Charmi appeared on telly updates earlier.


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