In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Purushothaman recalls a past incident and tells Akhila to meet the astrologer. Parvathy informs Sundaram about hiding the truth from Adithya. Vanaja tries to eavesdrop on Parvathy and Adithya’s conversation.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Akhila and Purushothman reach the astrologer’s ashram. The astrologer questions Akhila for the delay in her visit. Akhila tells him how the chit he sent for her the last time got misplaced. On enquiring  further, the astrologer learns how Akhila gave Parvathy the cattle and the cultivation land. She further tells the astrologer how she had chosen Aishwarya over Parvathy. She tells the astrolger about Purushothaman’s fear about her decision. The astrologer tells Akhila that he will have to analyse Parvathy as a person and the auspiciouness of the time she walks into his ashram to come to a conclusion. Akhila soon calls Sundaram and asks him to bring Parvathy to the ashram.

Parvathy looks puzzled as she receives a message from Akhila about the location of the ashram. Sundaram approaches her and tells her about Akhila’s instructions. Vanaja overhears Sundaram’s conversation with Parvathy. As Sundaram and Parvathy leave in the car, Vanaja and Uma chase them. On their way to the ashram, Parvathy tells Sundaram that they she doesn’t feel right about going to the ashram. But Sundaram convinces her saying it is Akhila’s order.

When Parvathy steps on the ground of the ashram, the lamps which are about to extinguish becomes stable. The astrologer considers this as a positive sign. Parvathy walks into the ashram and the astrologer imagines Parvathy to be Goddess.  Akhila introduces Parvathy to the astrologer, who is speechless upon seeing Parvathy. The astrologer asks Parvathy to get a few things from the store room of the ashram. When she leaves, Akhila asks the astrologer why is he standing speechless. To this, the astrologer asks Sundaram if Parvathy is really his daughter. Will Sundaram tell the truth?


What will happen next in Sembaruthi? To read more stories of  Sembaruthi.


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