In the previous episode of Gattimela, Kanta spikes the soft drinks at Vedanth’s bachelor party with alcohol. Vikrant gets worried when Dhruva consumes alcohol and tries to reveal Suhasini’s misdeeds in front of Vedanth. Meanwhile, Amulya, Adya, Adithi, and Aarati, disguised as men, gatecrash Vedanth’s bachelor party.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, a disguised Amulya and Adya search the place where Vedanth’s bachelor party is being held, for any women that may be hiding there. Adya asks Amulya to not jump to conclusions and asks her to continue her search. Meanwhile, a drunk Dhruva comes across a disguised Adithi and he comments about never having seen an IT officer before. Dhruva’s drunken ramblings confuse Adithi. Later, he gives her all financial documents for review.

Meanwhile, a disguised Aarati questions Vikrant about the women that they are hiding at the party but is surprised when he removes her disguise and hugs her. In another room, a disguised Amulya confronts Vedanth, who removes her disguise and reveals that he was aware of her disguise from the moment she arrived at the party. Vedanth flirts with Amulya while she berates him for foiling her plan.

A disguised Adithi gets irritated when a drunken Dhruva continues to address her as Madam. Furthermore, Dhruva is shocked when Adithi’s fake wig falls off when she tries to pick the fallen files. Adithi is surprised when Dhruva talks about how he dreams about her. Adithi is delighted when Dhruva confesses his love for her and berates him for hiding his true feelings from her. Dhruva reveals that he never confessed his feelings as the same might have hurt Parimala and Manjunath’s sentiments.

Elsewhere, Parimala shows Manjunath a photograph of a prospective groom for Adithi, to which Manjunath teases her. Manjunath tries to reassure Parimala when she worries about Adithi falling in love with someone just like Amulya and Aarati.

Suhasini visits the location where she has kept Vedanth’s mother captive for 20 years. She gets irritated when she finds her continuously writing Vedanth and his siblings’ names and when she talks about how one day they will come to rescue her. Suhasini tells her how Vedanth will never go against her and her plans to stop his wedding and to kill him if he marries Amulya. Suhasini taunts Vedanth’s mother when she wishes to meet Vedanth and attend his wedding. Suhasini reveals that she has kept Vedanth’s mother alive to use her against Vikrant and Dhruva and stop them from revealing her truth.

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