Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 29 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with Guneet and Nimmo scolding Krishankant. Meera and Amrita are worried. Guneet asks how can you fall so low when you get some money. Krishnakant says you misunderstood me, what do you want, don’t we come to the function. Guneet says it is your wish, if you come, then leave this money show at your house. Meera gets angry. Pritam thinks this is a good chance to get the bag. Angad asks the caterers to leave. Meera asks how dare she talk like this. Krishnakant says I sent caterers there with good intention, because Amrita is like my daughter, but she has filth in her mind. Aapa asks did you inform them earlier. Meera says no, so what, for the sake of Sakhujas, they are insulting my father, now we will not go. They get sad.

Angad is sad too. Soni says Meera’s family broke our heart again. Beeji says Krishnakant did the same mistake again. Amrita asks why did he do this, what was the need of it. Pritam takes it to change the bag. Baljeet says that he did not accept his mistake. Kuljeet asks Guneet to come with him. Kabir asks where is Dada ji, tell him not to call KK again. Everyone comes inside the house. Pritam enters Amrita’s room. He changes the bag and leaves from there. Amrita says we decided to be happy, Angad doesn’t keep sad face, halwai is cancelled, go and get halwa, I want to eat best in my god bharai. She asks Guneet to arrange cylinder. She asks Nimmo and Saroj to prepare the puja items. She smiles and leaves. Pritam smiles seeing her.

Amrita comes to her room and sees Pritam outside the window. Kabir says you made everyone active, now you are not sad, Meera and her father are like this. She asks Kabir to bring his dress from the tailor. Kabir says we can go on your bike and get the dress, Pritam. Pritam says no. He finds Amrita sad. Kabir asks what are you thinking, I will ride bike. Pritam is right. He goes to the tailor’s shop with Kabir. Jogi followed. Kabir argues with the tailor. Tailor says take the dress back, I have a lot of work. Pritam holds the tailor pointing to the scissors and says the dress will be ready in 5 minutes, it should not be too tight or loose, its fine. Kabir says wonderful. He gets a call from Angad. He says fine, I will take coal. He says Pritam, the confectioner needs coal, I have to go now, you take Amrita’s dress and go home, please, I have to go home. Pritam says no. Kabir goes.

Guneet says we can have tea. Nimmo says no, we are making Amrita’s favorite things. Beeji says it is rasam, mother-in-law cooks food for her daughter-in-law. Amrita shows her bangles. She says Kabir went to get my dress. The tailor gives the dress and says that the one who wears it will look like an angel. Pritam says great. Jogi points gun at him and says drive, Rathi called you. Pritam says this is urgent work, I will come there myself, you will get your bag. Jogi says if you will say even one word then I will shoot you. Pritam is driving.

Grandfather brings Mansoor home. Everyone meets him. He asks where is Amrita. They all smile. Amrita comes and smiles. Mansoor says now you will hide from me. He blesses Amrita and hugs her. Mansoor asks where is Bhabhi. Dadi comes and shows the attitude. Mansoor says I came to meet Amrita, not you. She says then get lost. He says I will see his god and go, don’t get angry on me, go and make tea for me. She says I don’t want to talk, you came after a long time. Saroj says I will make tea. Nimmo says let it be, they are fighting. Amrita says that she will only drink tea made by her. Grandpa says she will make tea. Dadi says I will not. Mansoor says fine, I will go. She says sit down, I will make tea. They all laugh. Mansoor says old relationship starts with fights and ends on love, you said Pritam helped a lot, where is she.

Pritam was beaten up by Rathi’s men. Come on Rathi. Pritam says I will not cheat you for a bag, I want to do business with you, let me go. Rathi punches his face and says your time is over, I want my bag. Pritam says there is a function in their house, my men can’t go there, what will they tell them, I will go and take the bag, this dress belongs to that lady, she will be waiting, I have to get the dress for her.

Amrita has a baby shower. Kabir asks did Pritam not come with the dress. Amrita asks why did you give her the dress. Rathi threw the dress packet under the building.

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