Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Sanjana reveals her feelings to Dev

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Sanjana sitting in front of Dev shouts that how can one live without expressing his love for so long so after some time Dil had to say I love you, Sonakshi is shocked to hear this from the corner.

Sometime back, Sonakshi sitting with Zaydin mentioned that she knows what happened to him that stuck in her mind, but now she must be strong even though she has so much support because now she has to fight. Needless, she is shocked to find that people are not able to accept the most beautiful thing about their country which is diversity. Like how can Bejoy get a better PG, Jayden mentions that he is now the police. Will go to station because because of diversity no one should face such tasks, Bijoy is coming tells with tea that he also used to go to police station as he never went there but now will go there because of him , he explains to Sonakshi how he never thought being a paying guest would be so hard, a text to Sonakshi saying she needs to go, Alina also decides to accompany him when Bijoy drinks tea. , then they both leave saying that he should take it.

Sanjana stands in front of the mirror and says that it is not that Sonakshi is better than her, but Dev sir would like her how to dress, Reena says that she has told Sanjana this long that she should not be so desperate for love Dev, Sanjana replies that it will eventually lead to love, she lost her love and family and all she breathes is because of Dev sir and now every time she wakes up it is because of her. But now she is realizing that they are some breaths that he must have taken from her, this has caused a lot of stress, she does not want to regret that she did not reveal what was in her heart. She will now go on to say this, Reena Says she can’t be serious to do in her room and reveals her feeling, doesn’t she know what it will do, Sanjana assures her that nothing will go wrong.

Soha and Aayush are in the room when she says she is not able to do this, Aayush also shows her how to make it, Neha enters the room, Shuv asks Aayush from behind to teach her too And then when Shuv says he is hungry, Aayush offers to make something for him, then leaves, Neha comes to sit beside Soha and says that Aayush is really good and everyone like Dev Bhai. who was always everyone’s favorite and then nothing changed even as they grew up like him. Had forgotten and Dev Bhai is the favourite, she warns Soha to be careful what happens.

Soha and Ayush are with both Sonakshi and Dev, Sonakshi tells that they have to eat healthy using vegetables so they are going to plant them, Sonakshi asks Soha to choose that Ayush insists on being first but Sonakshi Soha sleeps on K’s saying that this is the chance, however, she gives it to Aayush, Dev and Sonakshi both plant trees with her, Dev explains that now it is Soha’s turn, he comes to show her how to do it. be planted, she says she doesn’t want because her plant will not grow like Ayush, Sonakshi explains that it doesn’t matter which plant is taller as they have to take care of every plant equally otherwise they Will not grow, Ishwari comes and says that her mother is right as they have to take care of each plant equally, Neha mentions that this is not true because some plants which are not taken care of since childhood, do not grow. She leaves by pointing towards Ishwari, Dev asks mother not to be worried as she herself would not give it to her. He had advised someone to impose something towards his point of view.

Ishwar goes with the kids, Dev comes to Sonakshi holding hands from behind, they both become really close and also rub mud on each other’s face, Sanjana walks them not so close to each other She apologizes. Explaining so late that she was not able to control the pain, Dev asks the reason, then she replies that she has a stomach ache, so she got a changed diet plan. To this, Sonakshi replies that it is ready and she cannot go before the donor, Dev is there. Shock asks if she is his patient, Sonakshi leaves saying that it is like a friend.

Dev starts cleaning the table, standing beside him Sanjana starts thinking, he asks the reason then she tells that it is really hot, he says she can go and sit in the room, because there AC is working, she starts thinking what is wrong with her.

Vicky is taking Sanjana’s picture when Alina asks why both of them are giving so much importance to her, Alina questions why both of them are giving so much importance to her, Vicky replies because she is really a valuable part of the company. There is property and Alina should not do this. Try to make it something else as Dev bhai has no feelings for him, Alina should not use her mind to do something wrong.
Sanjana is going out of the house, Ishwari calls her from behind and greets her questions what is she doing here, Sanjana gives back the tiffin when Ishwari says it is feeling full, explains Sanjana How she has brought home sweets for him, he then insists Sanjana to stay with them and have dinner, Sanjana sees both Ishwari and Sonakshi playing together while setting the table,

At the dinner table, Shuv asks if she is his friend, Ishwari introduces him to Aayush and Soha, during dinner they question why her mother has ear rings, Sanjana replies that she has her own pair. When Sanjana appears, Sonakshi also defends her. Seeing her wearing it then brought them for herself, Neha says she looks beautiful in them, Dev gets a call from lawyer, Sanjana says she has pen and paper, while finding it she finds Rohit Verma under the chair Drops the picture of Ayush.
Precap: Sanjana sitting opposite Dev says how Dil wanted to speak about it for so long but couldn’t but now she can finally say I love you, Dev is shocked to hear this.

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