Maha Epi – Tamarind 26 September 2021 Written Episode Update: Tamarind Loss Case

Tamarind 26 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The judge said that since KC could not produce concrete evidence against Malini, the court quashes the case. Imli cries after losing the case. Anu thanked advocate Desai for winning the case. Tamarind angrily pulls Malini and asks where is the video. Tripathi stops him. Anu warns them to control their servant. Dulari accused Casey of deleting the video. Casey asks why did he lose the case. Tamarind asks where is the video. Adi says that he did and says that he cannot punish Malini for Anu’s mistake and goes to the flashback where Malini calls him and requests to meet him once to know the truth. He reaches the Sea House where Anu says that he drugged his family and Malini. Malini works and cries. Anu further says that just as she didn’t know what happened that night, Malini didn’t even know what happened as she had given Malini a drug and told her honeymoon, so she is at fault, not Malini. In the flashback, Adi says that he cannot punish Malini. Tamarind shouts that he is a journalist and blindly trusts Anu even after seeing the evidence. She continues to vent her anger on Adi and says that he betrayed her and urges Malini to punish her now. Adi asks to forget it. Tamarind says should she forget that her husband was abused and he is supporting them. Adi says that Anu has done a mistake and whether he goes to jail or not, he cannot punish Malini. Tamarind asks why is he supporting Malini.

Malini reveals that she is pregnant with Aditya’s child, only to find out after she faints and the doctor tells her she is pregnant. Hearing this, Tamarind shatters. Aparna asks Adi if he is becoming a father. Pankaj says whoever did the mistake, his family will have to face the consequences. Malini says it is not Adi’s fault. Pankaj says that he told his mother’s mistake. Nishant accuses Adi of doing wrong with Imli. Anu tells Aparna and Pankaj that she didn’t know this would happen and requests Malini and her child to be accepted as God’s will. etc. goes away. Malini does the work of crying out loud.

Dev waits near his car thinking that he does not know what is happening inside, his daughter will be defeated. Anu walks away smiling and tells that Malini will stay with Adi. Dev shouts what is wrong with him, he ruined a little girl’s house and is overjoyed. Anu says that she is happy that her illegitimate child has to face her deeds. They sit in the car. The inspector takes them out and informs Anu that she has been arrested. Anu asks what is her mistake. Casey calls for the mistake he admitted in court. Anu asks Dev to call the lawyer Desai. Dev denies and says that he should go to jail. The police dragged him away. Pankaj gets sad seeing Tamarind. Aparna tells him not to get angry when he finds his granddaughter. Pankaj says that he is angry with her for not supporting Tamarind, supporting Malini and Anu’s mistakes, deleting videos etc.; Although Adi and Tamarind’s marriage took place in unfavorable condition, she did a lot for her family, she is crying now and Aparna doesn’t even have any pity on her, she is with Tamarind, etc. Nishant and Rupali further try to console Imli. Tamarind cries that Adi betrayed her and is becoming father of Malini’s child, she didn’t trust me and trust Malini, instead Rupali says she already told her to fight for her right And still she needs him because Adi loves her and she is his wife. Nishant supported him. Adi walks in, and they leave.

Adi asks Tamarind not to give up his relationship and love. He says that their relationship broke up. He says that it can happen because he is her husband. She asks how can he be her husband when he cannot trust and fight for her. He says he is wrong, but he is her husband; He must understand that when Anu accepts his mistake, he cannot send Malini to jail in this condition. Tamarind says that Malini repeatedly told him that she would take Adi away from him, but she didn’t believe Tamarind as she believed in his love. Adi says that he cannot deny Malini’s child and is just waiting for Tamarind’s decision. Tamarind returns home and sees pictures of Malini and Adi in Adi’s room. Malini says that the child can only see what the mother sees, so he should see the face of the father. She asks him to stop crying and spread negativity, forget everything and think about her and Adi’s child, asks him to fix the wedding picture of Adi and Adi on the wall. Imlie fixes the photo. Malini asks him to fix it properly. Tamarind says that she heard that a woman changes completely when she becomes a mother and thought that Malini has also changed for her child, but she hasn’t; She will pray for Malini’s child.

Dev goes to meet Tripathi and tells that both his daughters fight with each other and hope that things will be alright. Mithi asks what about her daughter, how will she live in this house. Adi says that like his wife and Tamarind will decide whether Malini will stay in this house or not. Aparna asks how can he send Malini away in this condition. Adi says if Tamarind wants, Malini should go to her house, he will take care of Malini. Tamarind tells Dulari about all the incidents. Dulari says that Malini’s illegitimate child will have to face the wrath of the society. Tamarind remembers Dulari who used to be sweet and humiliate her. Dulari asks her to inform the family that she wants Malini to leave this house. She takes Tamarind to the living room and tells everyone that Tamarind took her decision. Tamarind says Malini will stay here. Dulari asks why did she change her decision. Tamarind says that she thought of herself and Malini, but not about her child who would grow up without a father’s name like her. Dev supports Tamarind and humiliates Malini that she forgot morals and doesn’t thank Tamarind. Malini says she was about to thank more about Tamarind; Thinking that Tamarind has made Tea House her permanent address, she won’t keep quiet until Tamarind is out of the house. Tamarind thinks she will reveal how low Malini can fall. Next morning, Adi goes to Tamarind’s room and asks if she is doing homework. Tamarind ignores him. He asks her to speak to him or at least to show him what he has written. She says she can’t because she removes what she wanted and can burn this paper too. People from Labor Employment Bureau come in and say that they had come to check if they hired underage servants. Pankaj asks Sunder for ID. They ask tamarind ID. Pankaj says that tamarind is his daughter-in-law. They say that the neighbors told that they have 2 servants. Tamarind goes to get his ID. They kidnap her and take her away. Tamarind wakes up and finds herself in a goon’s den.

Precap: Rupali and Nishant inform Adi that the fake labor employment bureau people had come. Adi says that Tamarind has been kidnapped.

To: MA

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