Vighnaharta Ganesh 24 September 2021 Written Episode Update – The Nawab of Saharanpur appreciates Mirabai’s pure devotion.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Meera feeling distressed about her Girdhar, so she immediately looks back but finds nothing, while the guard lifting the idol suddenly disappears. Meera thinks that something is wrong, but sees the maid cleaning the mess of flowers from the ground and she tells him that these have become dirty, hence the leaves cannot be offered to Prabhu and the maidservant, but she leaves for her girdhar. She doesn’t find Ko in the temple, so she searches everywhere and asks the maids too. Vikramaditya too. The guard hides the idol in the store room, while Raja tells Meera that he must have abandoned her, it seems, but Meera says that he cannot leave her alone and will not be able to stay away from her, so he searches again. lives. The king tells his sister that he has locked the idol in the store room and she will not find it anywhere as a result of which days and months will pass and this is seen by his lord.

Meera returns to the temple after experiencing pain in searching for her Girdhar and sits down to sing a prayer for his return, while King Vikramaditya, along with Udabai, his maid and his wife, come to see his condition, but his wife refuses him. Tells that she has not done right by dividing the Lord. For her that is the only source of life for her in such a sad state or maybe she will lose herself and he assured her that nothing wrong will happen instead she will cry for a day or two and forget everything and they Will leave from there.

Meera is praying to her lord while crying in front of her seat in the temple, while the lord is blessing her with flowing flowers as well as the idol and she suddenly becomes happy to see the miracle of her lord and gets emotional. King Vikramaditya comes running with everyone and finds the idol of Lord on the seat. So wonders how it happened and blames the guards about it. The guard wakes up from sleep wondering where he is and runs outside.

Ganesha says that the Lord was always there to take care of Meera but Vikramaditya was always worried about Meera’s behavior due to which he would have sleepless nights thinking about the miracle happening.

The king, enraged while sleeping, dreams about Meera’s devotion and her miracles, due to which the brahmins were also attracted by her dance.

Ganeshji says that the brahmins who listened to Mirabi’s prayer also started singing the same prayer as those who spread it.

The Brahmin’s prayer is learned from Meerabai in Saharanpur, where the Nawab sees him losing himself in the words of his prayer, so asks his guards to know about them, but the Brahmin tells him that he learned from the supreme devotee Mirabai. which develops great words for prayer, so the Nawab decided to reach there. Hearing that she is the widow of King Bhojraj.

Meera is welcoming the various Brahmins, while the Nawab also sits down in disguise, while Meera begins to sing a prayer in which he loses himself, but Vikramaditya again becomes angry at him and decides to see their meeting. refuses to do so, but finds the Nawab disguised as a Brahmin, so he decides to attack him.

The Nawab sees Mira’s miracle while singing as well as offering flowers to the Lord’s idol, so praises her by offering gold ornaments for her devotional prayer, but she does not accept, yet insists. That he knows that he is a devotee without a selfish attitude. Please take it as an offering to the devotee and she accepts to place her Lord in front of the idol and the leaves of the Nawab.

Vikramaditya catches the Nawab saying that he can’t plan anything strange in Chittorgarh but he says that he heard about Mirabai so he came to hear her prayer as she is also an artist in this area Appreciates a man who reflects in Mirabai and leaves there while Raja along with Udaybai contemplates his admiration for Mirabai.

Precap: Vikramaditya’s keeper brings him a poison mixed juice to be offered as prasad bhog and tells him that if a person drinks only two drops of it he will die instantly. Meera drinks the juice of Prabhu’s bhog while the Lord is looking at her in amazement but her body turns black.

to: Tanay

Post Vighnaharta Ganesh 24 September 2021 Written Episode Update – Nawab of Saharanpur applauds Mirabai’s pure devotion. First appeared on Tele Updates.

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