Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with Reshmpal returning to the police station and asking where is his wife. Happu says his wife is coming instead. Rajesh enters and greets her. Reshpal asks why did he say that his wife is coming. Happu says he just told that wife is coming. Rajesh says she came with a hope. Reshpal says she already has 9 kids and is still expecting. She says that she is expecting a week off for Happu. Reshpal refused to give even a day’s leave. Rajesh lies that his granddaughter’s spirit is wandering in Switzerland and wants to perform her Shanti Puja where she died and if she does not, the grandmother’s spirit will haunt the person who denied the permission. Reshpal says that he has 170 leaves left and will give 10 to Happu. Happu thanks him. Manohar asks what about the remaining 160 cards. Happu says that he will take them later, then says that Reshpal can take them for their honeymoon.

Amma takes Chamchi, Ranbir and Hrithik to the temple. They ask for his breakfast while returning home. She sells them. Grandfather asks him to fulfill every demand of the children. She says they may have illegal demands. Grandfather says maybe in future. The pandit enters and asks Amma to have darshan of Devima and ask for whatever she wants. Amma says that she has everything she wants, a good son and daughter-in-law, grandchildren, etc. Hrithik asks her to show her palm to Pandit. Pandit checks her palm and asks if she has not gone yet. Hrithik says that his grandmother will live long. Pandit says that means she will travel abroad. Ranbir says let’s go to Paris.

Kamlesh tells Kat in pure Hindi that he has written a love letter for her. She says that he even wrote a love letter for her and asked her to read his letter first. He reads it. She corrects him and reads his letter further. He admires her Hindi skills. Their Hindi chat is on. The principal enters and, speaking in English, informs him that the trustee of his college Mr. Donald Pump is visiting the college and that he wants them to go to him and speak to him in English. Kamlesh tells Kat that the principal wants him to speak in English with Donald Pump, but he has given up on English.

Vimlesh feels sad that because of Benny’s back sprain, she cannot go to Switzerland for honeymoon. Chamchi, Hrithik and Ranbir say that if she gives a sudden jerk to Benny, her back sprain will disappear. Vimlesh asks who will treat Benny. He says he will. He says that he is not a doctor. They say that they are and explain their plan to him. He likes it. They peek into Benny’s house, and Chamchi shares her knowledge. Vimlesh brings Benny in a wheelchair while singing Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shiksha. She shows him flowers and talks romantically. He says how will he romance when he can’t stand it. She says that when he is ready they will go on honeymoon. He says that his doctors may not let him stand for 3-4 years. Children throw fake snakes at him, and he runs away in fear. They say that their shock treatment worked, it is a fake snake. Benny thinks that the kids messed up his plan and acts saying they have fixed it. Vimlesh says let’s go on honeymoon. He asks Poland, New Zealand. She says Switzerland.

Donald Pump visited the college. The principal introduces Kat and Kamlesh and says that he has prepared a speech for them. They speak in pure Hindi and insult them. The principal gets annoyed, but praises him. Donald says that he speaks good Hindi and orders that these two students should not be seen in the college campus for 10 days.

Precap: No precap.

Co: H Hassan

Post Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23 September 2021 Written Episode Update: Benny Receives Shock Treatment First Appeared on Telly Updates.


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