In the previous episode, suspicious of Rhea’s actions, Daljeet tells Prachi that someone had deliberately added garlic in the offering prepared by her. When Daljeet points towards Rhea, Prachi dismisses her claim and her Rhea. At Pragya’s house, Abhi wakes up from sleep and tries to find his bottle of alcohol. Pragya senses his intentions and distracts him from seeking alcohol. Meanwhile, a cunning Tanu hides some bottles of liquor in her cupboard and plans to give them to Abhi at the right time. Concerned about Rhea’s behaviour, Siddharth suspects that she might love someone else and asks Ranbeer about it. However, Ranbeer evades answering his question and tells him to communicate with Rhea. Later, Ranbeer returns home and lovingly adorns Prachi’s feet with anklets while Rhea looks on jealously. When Rhea sees the couple getting cosy, she kicks a flowerpot and makes her presence known. Later, she walks towards her room in a fit of rage and holds a knife to her wrist.

In the latest episode, Pragya tells Abhi that she is too stubborn like him and won’t let him do as he pleases in her house. Abhi tells Pragya that he is not being obstinate, and that he curses God for ever letting him fall in love with her. Unbeknown to Abhi and Pragya, Tanu and Alia gleefully overhear their conversation. Meanwhile, Rhea plans to use Pallavi to get close to Ranbeer. Like she planned, Pallavi states that she had asked Ranbir to accompany Rhea to her friend’s wedding.

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