Yeh Hai Chahatein 22 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Rudra hugs Preesha and Saransh and says that it is his family, who will be happy soon. He asks Saransh if he will get his memory back. Preesha says he will soon. Rudra teases her. Armaan and Sania get jealous. Vasu says let’s start the mehendi ceremony. Preesha says it is time for Saransh to eat and feeds him. Chachaji taunts Armaan that Haldi is celebrated now, so the wedding will take place. Sania taunts him further. Armaan tells her not to be sarcastic, he will not let this marriage happen. Anvi goes to him. He asks if he had dinner. She says she hasn’t done it yet. He asks if Prisma didn’t give him food. She says no as her mehendi. He says that she is feeding Summary and does not care for her. Vasu asks Preesha to apply mehendi soon. Anvi goes to Preesha and insists on feeding her. Preesha gets up, but Vasu asks her to finish the mehendi first and makes her sit back. She asks Naini to feed Anvi. Anvi leaves sadly. Rudra says that he will check Anvi. Summary says he needs to pee and takes her to the bathroom, then says he has no urge to pee anymore. Rudra remembers singing the song and helping her to pee and while Saransh urinates he signs a song standing outside and walks out. Rudra hopes that he remembers the past incident, but the summary stands blank. Rudra reminisces about the previous incident, washes his hands and, smiling, takes her back to Preesha. Preesha asks why is he smiling. He says the package has changed, but instead the stuff is the same, he had to sing to help piss off the summary. Preesha gets happy thinking that Saransh’s memory will come back soon.

Rudra sees Anvi sad, goes to her, and tries to make her happy that he will feed her. She insists on eating food from Presha. Sania tries, but Anvi is adamant and leaves. Rudra scolds Sania and goes back to Anvi and says that he will feed her, Preesha is hungry since morning and she will have food. Anvi gets convinced. Rudra says let’s bring food for him and Preesha, but he doesn’t know what Preesha likes. Anvi says she will bring it and take food. Rudra points to Preesha and says that Anvi has brought food for her as she is hungry. Preesha says that unless Anvi is with her, she will not have food. Rudra feeds Anvi on seeing Preesha. Anvi asks Rudra to feed Prisma too. He feeds Preesha and eats it with her spoon, saying that sharing increases love, that too is delicious and he wants to taste it. She blushes. He says that he will not wait after marriage. Anvi asks him to feed them instead of talking. Rudra gives fees to Preesha and wipes her lips. Armaan and Sania get jealous.

Sharda returns and asks Preesha to hold Rudra’s R in her hand and makes sure Rudra doesn’t find it. Rudra says that he will put it in a place which no one can see and gets romantic. Sharda rolled her ear and took it. Summary R writes on Preesha’s hand. Preesha gets emotional. Anvi shows her mehendi to Armaan and asks if it is looking good. Armaan says it is beautiful and asks if she will not apply mehndi on Saaransh’s hands like Saransh. Sania instigates that Saransh is Preesha’s real daughter and not Anvi, so she will not let Anvi apply mehendi on her. Anvi says that she is also Prisma’s daughter and will apply mehendi on her hand. She goes to Preesha. Preesha agrees. Saransh stops him and says that she is his mother. Their fight begins. Anvi pushes the summary away. Rudra and Preesha ran to Saransh, worried and panicked, seeing blood oozing from Saransh’s head. Preesha scolds Anvi and takes away Saransh. Anvi stands crying. Sania says it is perfect to instigate Anvi against Preesha. She instigates Anvi that Preesha, who scolds a beautiful child, is in love with her real son Saransh and doesn’t care for him, but she doesn’t have to worry as she is his real mother and will take care of him.

Precap: Preesha shows her concern for Saarnash and the damaged Mehndi. Rudra fixes his Mehndi. Armaan gets jealous. Rudra receives a singing offer and leaves. Vasu waits for Rudra during the music. Armaan asks Chachaji to send Rudra away. Chachaji tells Preesha that Rudra is careless and they should annul the marriage. Preesha gets upset.

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