In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that after Dwarika interrupts Nagen’s wedding and puts vermillion on Kumudini’s head and marries her, Nagen gets him captured by his guards. A fight ensues and Dwarika is grievously injured. While Ramchandra flees from there with Padma, Raghob carries Dwarika with the help of his men to the Dakshineswar temple. Raghob asks Gadadhar to revive him as he has seen him perform miracles.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Gadadhar prays to Ma Kali and his prayers are eventually answered. As he touches Ma Kali’s blessed flower on Dwarika’s head, Dwarika opens his eyes. Meanwhile, Kumudini who has been locked up by Nagen Chowdhury’s men in one of his warehouses after she fainted recovers her senses and finds that her hands and feet are tied.

She tries to free herself and asks Ma Kali to show her the way. As she struggles to untie her hands, the oil lamp hanging from the pole to which she is tied falls on the dry hay below and the hay catches fire.

Later, the doctor comes and checks up Dwarika and says he is lucky to have recovered his senses, otherwise it could have been fatal. The doctor asks Dwarika not to move around much as the wound may start bleeding again.

Dwarika asks Raghob what happened at Nagen’s place and where Kumudini is. Raghob tells him how he was attacked by Nagen’s men and lost consciousness and was later brought to the temple by him.

When Dwarika asks Raghob where Kumudini is, Raghob says Nagen has hidden her in a secret place and they have not been able to find her. He says he found out that Nagen has warehouses in Beleghata and sent his men to check them but did not find Kumudini there. However, he says there is another warehouse a little distance from Beleghata which has not been checked and he will soon send his men there.

Dwarika says Kumudini is no longer just an orphan under their care. When Annada and Kamala asks him what he means by that, Dwarika tells them that he has married Kumudini. He tells Annada and Kamala to go and give his mother this news. He tells Raghob that they cannot wait any longer and must find Kumudini immediately.

Trilokya who enters the room and hears this is shocked. He tells Dwarika that he has not yet told Jagadamba about his injury. He asks Dwarika how Jagadamba would take it is she finds out Dwarika got married as well without her permission. He asks his brother how he could marry someone without knowing which family she belongs to and advises him to abandon the search as it would only bring dishonour to the family. Dwarika asks him to hold his tongue.

However, Raghob tells him that Ramchandra, Padma and others would also say the same thing to him as society will not accept his marriage to a girl whose lineage is not known. Dwarika refuses to sit silently and watch.

Just then, Gadadhar enters and tells him to rest. But Dwarika tells him that he married Kumudini and it becomes his responsibility to rescue her. Dwarika asks Gadadhar how he can rest while his wife is being held captive by Nagen Chowdhury in an unknown place. He asks Gadadhar to guide him and tell him what to do. Gadadhar gives him flowers taken from Ma Kali’s feet and says they will protect him. He tells him to go and save Kumudini.

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