In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Abhimanyu manages to get Samyuktha to wear her ‘thali’. Sharmila is shocked when the puja is completed successfully and Samyuktha finds her ‘thali’. Later, Abhimanyu declines Samyuktha’s request.

In the next episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Samyuktha requests Abhimanyu to let her be by his side till death even if not as his wife. Samyuktha’s words hurt Abhimanyu. Later, Sharmila wanders around the house searching for Saudamini but she finds a letter that Saudamini had written to her. Sharmila reads out the letter aloud. The whole family is shocked when they find out that Saudamini has left the house with all the gold that was kept safely in various cupboards at Kalapurackal. Sharmila is shocked. Anamika intervenes in the matter and tells Sharmila to call the police. Sharmila refuses to call the police leading Anamika to make the decision to leave the house.

Sharmila tries to convince Anamika to stay back and tells her that she will be Abhimanyu’s next wife. Anamika gives Sharmila the time to convince Abhimanyu to marry her. Later, Samyuktha looks at the album of her ruined marriage with Abhimanyu, during which her father was killed. She finds the proof against Sharmila where she is seen delivering a blow on Yatheendran’s head. Samyuktha is devastated when she spots the photograph and decides to avenge her father’s death. Furthermore, Anamika bids goodbye to Abhimanyu and tells him she will leave the next day. Abhimanyu finds the wedding album on his bed but as he looks through it Anamika video calls him and takes a video of Sharmila adding poison to Samyuktha’s glass of milk to kill her. Sharmila confesses about all her evil acts in the video call.

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