Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Pallavi goes to Jaya with medicine, Jaya says Harish didn’t do all that, Raghav did I know, and you gave diamonds to police, Pallavi says no, Jaya says are you leaving Raghav, Pallavi says not Amma, I want to change her, Jaya says from where do you get so much courage, and it is very difficult but I will support you, and promise that you will be with you all the time, says Pallavi. That you need to fit here is medicine, Pallavi thinks Raghav now Amma is also with me.

Raghav asks Farhad to keep the diamond somewhere safe. Farhad says ok, Raghav asks why are you upset, Farhad says I misbehaved with Pallavi bhabhi but this was the situation, Raghav says if someone else talks with her in that tone then die now. Will go and I know how much you care for me, Farhad says but I don’t like this thinking difference, you both look very teased and happy together, Raghav says don’t think much and don’t worry Pallavi soon Will understand that not everything is black and white and you arrange a meeting today I want that client.

Pallavi walks in an old sari, Keerti is shocked to see her, Pallavi walks with groceries, Rajan asks Pallavi why she got it, Pallavi says it is not mine who is in this house, and My food will be different from today, Keerti says what is this new drama, Pallavi says nothing to do with you, stay away from me and my words, Jaya says I may know right, what all this Hai, Pallavi asks Rajan to go and says Amma I don’t want anything from Raghav, money I want to show him, things bought with legal earnings can make you happy too, Kirti says from where do you get all this On one hand you claim that you love her and on the other you don’t want her money, if you love her support her, Pallavi says I am not blind in love and love means support in wrong No, true love is the one where you can help your partner to be a better person, Keerti says so you mean you can make my brother a better person, come on I’ll see who wins your love or mine. Sunny secretly overhears everything and says that there are new fights every day and the more they fight, the more I win.

Farhad and Amrita together, Farhad asks Amrita to talk to Pallavi and also tells her what Pallavi is doing, and says Raghav will never change, Amrita says so you talk to Raghav, because she is wrong, illegal act for whatever reason is wrong and i will support pallavi, i know pallavi well, she will make raghav a better person and save our relationship too and i know the consequences of bad behavior and so Ask Raghav to listen to Pallavi. Farhad gets a call from Raghav, Raghav says he will take time and reach home to pick up Motwani, Farhad says right.

Pallavi opens the door, Motwani and his assistant walk in, Pallavi asks them for tea and coffee. Raghav and Farhad walk together, Farhad asks for tea and coffee, Motwani says your staff asked me and you have very polite staff, Rajan comes in, Raghav says Rajan you are very welcoming to him, Motwani Says it was she and she was not, such a nice lady employee, tell me from which agency you hired her, even I want such a beautiful staff, Raghav calms down and says She is my wife, how dare you talk about her like this, Motwani says look at her how she is dressed, I don’t give such saree in begging and can’t keep wife properly and deal with me I want to do, leave no way.

Raghav looks at Pallavi and says I know you did this intentionally with me, Pallavi says leave my hand, you are hurting me, Raghav removes all saree and jewelery and says just dress Change it, Pallavi says I didn’t win, I won’ don’t use anything you bought with your money, Raghav says you will not wear all this, Pallavi says no, Raghav picks everything and throws Gives, Raghav says old Raghav is still alive, my anger makes me animal so don’t push me to that limit and then even your life can’t save things.

Jaya sees Pallavi carrying the stuff thrown by Raghav, Jaya sees her and says Raghav did it, tell me I will slap her, Pallavi says relax, I am just thinking about future like this. 1000 is thinking about the event and I am ready for it and that’s all me. Keeping it inside so that Sunny doesn’t take any of these scenes, and I won’t use it but and I am ready for all challenges, he may be Hyderabad don but I am Kolhapur Mirchi, Jaya all the best, what is your plan Pallavi saaya first i need a job to show raghav give money from legal things too happy Jaya says ok

Farhad goes to Raghav, and says what is now, Raghav says now new customer, Farhad says I have hired new guy for new consignment, Raghav says no boy now, Farhad Says how will we work now, Raghav says problem is to store diamonds, Farhad asks who will we hire, Raghav says there is someone whom Laxmi doesn’t doubt and I will for her. I know a perfect person.

Vijay says I will not do this work, Sharda asks why, Pallavi and Raghav have found something for you and what is wrong with it, you have two options either work with Nikhil or go for a job, Vijay tells me something. Don’t want, Sharda says you want to spoil your health, Vijay says I am totally fine, Sharda says you have heart attack twice, Amrita says Kaka, Kaku is right, its just Give CV and if you don’t like then don’t go and only Raghav has got you job but you will work for it, Mansi says Amrita went mad, do whatever you want, Sulochana says Amrita is right Yes, if you do good work you will be fine and will get fixed money too, Sharda says I want your cv in 20 minutes and Nikhil gives printout, Sulochana says why Nikhil is in trouble, Amrita will give it to Farhad .

On call Sunny tells someone that his name should not be in the picture. Keerti goes to him and tells that food is ready, Sunny says I am very hungry, Keerti says new drama will happen in the house, Sunny says how will it matter to us we will just have fun. Keerti says ok and leaves. Sunny says today’s drama will be watched by entire Hyderabad.

Pre Cap: Pallavi yells at Sunny and asks her to stop her bullshit game and says keep your attitude in your house
Raghav says you will not do job Pallavi, Pallavi says I will, Raghav says I will not give it to you, Pallavi says I will.

to: Tanay

After Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22 September 2021 Written Episode Update Pallavi’s new plan first appeared on telly update.


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