Ek Mahanayak Dr BR Ambedkar Written Episode 22 September 2021, Written Update on Digihunt

In this episode, Bhim Rao questioned Ramji. He told Bhima Rao that he had asked Manjula for money to buy his books, Manjula had given him a gold chain. He wanted to return that gold chain, but could not. Seeing his daughter’s wounds, he was more pained. He promised to get her a gold chain.

Jijabai asked Manjula what happened. Meera asks Manjula to take rest, Rama takes her to a room.

Bhima Rao spent the whole night remembering what Ramji had said. Manjula came and interrogated him. Bhim Rao said that books should not be so expensive that one can sell his gold chain. Manjula did not want him to know. He said that his 15-day suspension is over, he will have to go to college. Bhim Rao replied that his sister’s return to his home was more important. Manjula disagreed, Bhima Rao’s education was more important. Anand said that he is beyond proud for his sister, he has suffered a lot for her. Hearing everything, Rama went to her room, started searching for something.

Ramji brought milk. Jijabai said that she should have asked someone else to bring the milk. He replied that Bhima Rao was studying late. Jijabai said that she always has something or the other to save Bhima Rao. Ramji asked her for her gold earring. Jijabai questioned, suspecting that she needed it for Bhima Rao’s education. He refused to help. Ramji said that he was asking for Manjula.

Ram understood the pain of Bhima Rao. She wanted to give her jeweler and get back Manjula’s gold chain. Bhima Rao refused as it was not something he had given her.

Jijabai said that the jewels are the custodians of a woman’s future, Ramji did not buy them, he refused to help her. Asked Ramji to give importance to his other children as well. Ramji was apologetic for asking Jijabai for help, he had high hopes from her. Ramji said that he would not forget this day.

Bhima Rao told Rama that he would plan something else for Manjula’s gold chain, but would not take Rama’s jewellery. Manjula did not want anyone to get into trouble for her. Bhim Rao was on his way to college, Manjula asked him to wear Ramji’s coat. He insisted, Bhima Rao was wearing a coat.

Anand asked Lakshmi about the jewellery. Lakshmi said that Anand never bought her anything, her father gave her the jewelry she had. He refused to help, saying that Bhima Rao should worry about it. Anand was disappointed, he thought that after so long, Lakshmi would help him, but he did not.

Bhim Rao recalls his sibling bond with Manjula while going to college. Joshi approached him. He decided to give new information about Bhima Rao. He told them about Ramji serving under Joshi, finding Madhavi at an unsuitable place and returning home after beating Manjula. Bhim Rao wrote something to him, handed over the paper to Joshi. He left.

Joshi read the newspaper, Bhim Rao said that he would become a barrister. He asked him to concentrate on his studies and become a barrister instead of wasting his time in debating in a public place. Later Joshi washed his hands.

Meera asked Ramji not to work today, he was ill. Anand, Meera and Pooranjan stop him. Ramji refuses and leaves.

Joshi came to Bhim Rao and said that becoming a barrister was beyond Bhima Rao. The barrister’s coat, post and office were high for the caste of Bhima Rao. Bhim Rao replied that he was already wearing a coat. He would get the post of barrister with Prayas which he wrote on the paper thinking it might reflect Joshi. Joshi refuses to lecture, they will decide what to do in their life. Bhim Rao replied that he was also the decision maker of what happens in his life.

Precap: Joshi tells Ramji that Bhim Rao left mid-class. Meera pacifies Manjula, they will find a way out. Jijabai says everyone believes in Bhim Rao, he will find the solution. Bhima Rao tells Ram that he will work till he gets Manjula’s gold chain back.

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Post Ek Mahanayak Dr BR Ambedkar 22 September 2021 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao returns to college. First appeared on Tele Updates.


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