In the next episode, Minnie sets up a sacred space for the wedding rituals in the living room of Armaan’s house. On being questioned by Simple about the preparations, Minnie wilfully replies that she would like to go around the sacred fire and officiate her relationship with Armaan. However, Minnie’s sudden demand shocks Armaan more than it rattles simple.

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Simple dons the dress Armaan gave her and plans to side-line Minnie from their lives. However, she finds Armaan in Minnie’s room and notices the dress Armaan gifted to her. Meanwhile, Devika receives a gift from Ranveer and tells Armaan about it over a phone call. Armaan urges Devika to wear the dress and meet Ranveer Duggal. After donning the dress, Devika imagines Ranveer Duggal in her room and gets lost in her thoughts. However, Desho interrupts her flow of thoughts as Desho questions Devika about her admirer. Devika lies to Desho and evades her questions. Elsewhere, Simple picks a fight with Armaan for giving Minnie the same gift as her.

Armaan manages to pacify Simple with his talks and another gift as Minnie eavesdrops. Devika walks up to Ranveer Duggal’s room to show him her dress but Desho takes him to the terrace and blindfolds him. Ranveer Duggal opens his eyes to a well-lit canopy and a special birthday cake. Ranveer Duggal thanks Desho for the gift with all his heart but Devika toss the power switch out of anger. Soon, the Duggals notice Devika and question her about her behaviour. Devika’s reaction confuses the couple and Devika reaches out to Armaan guiltily. She plans to bail out on pursuing Ranveer Duggal but Armaan discourages her. Elsewhere, Minnie has a moment of realization and plans to face Simple head-on.

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