Anupama 21 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Anuj Kapadia/AK tells Anu that people think business is run by money, but they don’t know that home, life or business runs with people and he knows the talent to build and maintain relationships with people, so He will learn more than she learns from him; He takes the other women and flies away, forgetting her. She thanks him and says tomorrow is Ganpati Bappa’s day and tomorrow will be a new beginning for him, shaking hands and says chalo rock partner. AK happy. Baa makes modak at home saying that tomorrow he will establish Ganpati in the factory also. Kavya says they can buy modak from the market. Baa says homemade modak is better, Anu used to make every year. Kavya provokes him again and says that Anu is making him / molesting him and has not returned home yet, how long does it take to sign a paper. Vanraj supports him.

AK takes Anu out and says that he will bring an auto for her. She says she brought her car and asks if she thought she didn’t know how to drive. He says that yes, he is proud of her seeing her boarding the auto during the get-together party. She says that her daughter-in-law Kinjal taught her driving, she is terrified of driving on the highway, but can drive in the city. She says that her site is not on the highway, so she can go to the site daily in her car. he agreed. He asks her number and gives her a missed call. She says that she has her number, which she took from Devika to send sweets. He says Mahan and congratulates Jai Shree Krishna. She drives her car away. He gets excited thinking that he has the guts to pick up the phone number after at least 25 years.

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Post Anupama 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya instigates Baa against Anupama first appeared on Telly Updates.


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