Game of Thrones trivia: Here’s how the costume department saved a few bucks when it came to the caps worn by the Night’s Watch (Photo Credits: Episode Still)

Game of Thrones, running from April 2011 to May 2019, has made an impression on millions of fans for its story, performance, dialogue, action and costume. While some coveted looks have been tried and successfully made for various occasions over the years, did you know that you can become a member of the Night’s Watch just by visiting your local IKEA.

In a previous conversation, the show’s costume designer Michelle Clapton revealed that many of the plush hats worn throughout GOT, including Kit Harington aka Jon Snow’s iconic fur cloak, and the Night’s Watch, were made from inexpensive IKEA rugs. Read on to know all about it.

While interacting with the audience at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles in 2016, Game of Thrones costume designer, Michelle Clapton admitted to using IKEA rugs for some of the show’s iconic costumes. Talking about going to a local IKEA and picking up a rug for an authentic Night’s Watch outfit, the designer told the guys, “These hats are actually IKEA rugs. It’s a little trickier. Everything we can do We get them. We cut and then we shaved them and then we added strong leather straps.”

Adding further, Game of Thrones’ costume designers opened up about what they did to make it authentic. “I want the audience to almost smell the costumes,” the designer said, before adding, “Here they were waxed and frosted, so they almost relate to the landscape.”

In another conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Game of Thrones’ Michelle Clapton also revealed that the team sourced the bones for Wildings’ costumes from eBay. Talking about it, Clapton said, ‘We bought a lot of bones online from eBay. Then we molded the bones and made the armor, all fastened together in what looks like guts but is actually string and latex. “

Well, we guess, even the show, which had a budget of about $10 million per episode (and even more later), diverted funds toward other aspects to improve GOT. Have a few cuts around the corners to push.

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