In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Guruji arrives at Trichambarath and tells Akhila to perform ‘Bhumi’ puja. He further states that the elder daughter-in-law has to perform the puja. Later, Priyanka and Sreenivasan plot against Akhila.

In the next episode of Chembarathi, Akhila’s uncle leaves after assigning Aravind the task of taking Anand to the ashram for his treatment. Later, Aravind takes Anand back to the outhouse. Vilasini tells Jayanthi that Akhila’s uncle’s suggestion might work and Anand may regain his eyesight. Jayanthi consoles her and assures her that the treatment is not going to work. Meanwhile, Nandana discusses the ‘Bhumi’ puja issue with Subramaniam and Aravind. Nandana stands her ground and tells everyone that she does not want bad luck to befall Trichambarath due to the puja that might go wrong if the elder daughter-in-law does not perform the puja.

Subramaniam comes up with a solution to Nandana’s problem. Furthermore, Anand and Kalyani visit the ashram to start the treatment as advised by Akhila’s uncle. Back at Trichambarath, Nandana gets worried about convincing Kalyani to perform the puja. Aravind reassures her. Later, Aravind and Nandana inform Anand about the issue. Anand agrees to convince Kalyani. Anand returns home and tells Kalyani about the puja. Kalyani concerns her to Anand. He tells her that Akhila will not be attending the puja so she can perform the puja instead of Nandana. The next day, Jayanthi asks Akhila about visiting the place of ‘Bhumi’ puja. Akhila reprimands her but Jayanthi tells her that Nandana is tricking her and she overheard Nandana and Aravind’s conversation. Meanwhile, Nandana makes the necessary arrangements to get Kalyani to the spot of the puja. Sivaramakrishnan informs Nandana that Akhila will attend the ‘Bhumi’ puja.

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