Urfi Javed is making headlines since she has stepped out of the reality show. She is giving us major fashion goals as she gets spotted around the city in different fashionable outfits. Urfi in her latest Instagram post was seen donning a purple crop top that she had designed using a pair of socks. Urfi joined the crop top with a bangle and paired it with a black T-shirt that she cut into half. She completed her unique look with purple trousers. She even got trolled for her look in which she opted for a denim jacket over a sports bra. The netizens keep on trolling the actress for the unique avatars she opts for.

She went to the airport wearing the same outfit, which society is not looking forward to accepting. The netizens in her comment section wrote various comments, some of which praised her and the others took her to the world of trolls. Now, the actress has opened up about the trolls and the reasons behind them. Urfi Javed feels that the reason why she is getting judged based on her looks is because of her religion. For an unversed, Urfi Javed belongs to a Muslim community.

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While talking to a leading daily, Urfi Javed went on to reveal that she comes from a conservative Muslim family where she wasn’t even allowed to wear jeans. Urfi even said that she had realized that no matter what she does, people will say things about her. While talking about her family, she said that she belongs to a conservative Muslim family, and for the longest time she was told what she have to wear. She wasn’t even allowed to wear jeans. She used to cover her chest with a dupatta back then. Dupatta is a rebel for her today and, she will wear whatever she wants to is what she continued to say while talking to a leading daily.

Urfi Javed even talked about the mindset of the people against Muslims. While talking about it she said that she is a Muslim girl so, when she does something or wear certain kind of clothes, it really doesn’t go down well with a lot of people. She added that her religion has been a deterrent.

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Urfi Javed also remembered the time when she was struggling to find a rented apartment in Mumbai because many didn’t want to give their house to a Muslim. While talking about it she went on to say that, she remembered the times when she was searching for a house in Mumbai. It was a task for her as many people didn’t want to give their house on rent to Muslims. “I don’t follow Islam or any other religion”, she concluded.

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