Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with Amrita thinking about Pritam’s words. She says he was liking it that we are worried here. Kabir comes and says Angad has thrown me out of his room, it is because of Meera. She says his wound should be healed, then everything will be fine, Meera will come, Angad will melt on seeing her. He asks can I sleep here. She says go to sleep. He says Angad went mad, Pritam explained it well. She says don’t call Pritam your brother, why do you and Angad call him your brother, he is not your brother. Kabir asks what is the problem. She says just take his name. She sees Karan’s picture. He says got it, I will not call him brother, no one can replace Karan, but he talks deep. She says he is acting, you don’t know him, go to sleep. She sleeps too.

Its morning, Kabir says I can’t have lunch with you, I took advance from office, come to Amrita’s baby shower, don’t come to office. He says she will fire me, if boss comes to know then he will send me to jail. Sunny and Ronnie say that if Dolly doesn’t die, you won’t get a job. Chaddha hears this and asks if Dolly is dead. He cries out loud. Kabir asks her to keep quiet. Chaddha doesn’t listen. Dada ji, Guneet and Amrita come. They ask what happened. Chaddha says Dolly is dead, she talked to me yesterday and says she misses me, Kabir tell them. Kabir says that she did not die. He calls Dolly and asks her to talk to her father. Dolly asks what happened.

Chaddha asks are you alive, bless you, I will talk later. He gets happy and says that Dolly is alive, they say that Dolly is dead. He scolds Kabir. Amrita asks what is this. Grandpa says this is not the way to joke. Kabir says we were talking about insurance, he did not listen to us. Chaddha says don’t talk to my dolly. He asks Guneet to explain to his son. Kabir leaves for office. Guneet goes to get vegetables. Grandpa watches the news. Amrita and Soni cook the food. Guneet gets vegetables. Amrita proposed vote of thanks. He finds Pritam’s picture on the pamphlet. She says that he looks like Pritam. Sony says it’s unclear. Amrita goes to show Dada ji. Dada ji does not see Pritam’s picture on the news channel. Amrita shows police lookout notice. Soni says Amrita thinks it is Pritam. Amrita says yes. Dada ji says why are you behind him, face does not look good, he is not Pritam, he is good man. He goes. Kamali comes with laundry. Guneet checked her shirt. Kamali asks whose shirt is this. Amrita says that Pritam wears such a shirt. Kamli says maybe I got this by mistake. Amrita asks why did you get this. Sony says we have to return it. They go upstairs to put on the shirt. sony jokes. Amrita says she will not know anything, go and put it on the rope. She says he was at home since 3 days, where did he go. Soni says don’t worry. Rathi sees the explosives. Jogi asks why did you get here, it can turn the whole area into ashes. Rathi laughs and says it works by my system, it won’t explode until I activate it, now it is active, I will attach the wires to the zip, once the zip is open, then the game will begin. Pritam and Nitin come. Rathi closed the bag. He says I came to know about you, you did big things, don’t be afraid, if I had to kill you then I would not have called you. Pritam says if we get scared then don’t come here.

Pritam asks about the deal. Rathi asks him to take the bus bag wherever he asks. Nitin asks what is inside this bag. Rathi says don’t question if you want to win trust, take this bag, I will tell you where to take it, can you do that. Pritam says you thought a small task to win trust. He takes the bag. Pritam and Nitin leave. Rathi says now it will be fun. Jogi asks if he opens the bag and sees the explosives. Rathi says if he opens the bag then the bomb will explode, believe me and this man will be over. Monty asks what is inside this bag, we should see what we are handling. Nitin is right. Pritam thinks.

Pritam checks the bag. He calls Nitin. He says we have to throw this bag. He gets into an argument with Amrita’s parents.

To: Amena

Post Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 17th September 2021 Written Episode Updates: Amrita suspects that Pritam appeared on telly updates earlier.


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