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Sai tells Pulkit that he, Sunny, Mohit and Shivani think that she is in love with Virat, but she has nothing in her heart for Virat and it is wrong unless Pakhi is there and so she fails to understand. wants to end the marriage. Pulkit asks if Pakhi was not among them, was she in love with Virat then. She says no as Virat is misbehaving with her and taking out his anger on her. He asks if Virat was behaving well after his accident. She says he was, but then he plans a surprise anniversary trip and after Samrat’s return and Virat meets Pakhi in a cafe, he is behaving very rudely and not even telling what they said . He says he thought his issues would be resolved, but they are on the rise. He says there are some complicating issues, even this matter and its lump is the past of Virat and Pakhi; Virat is unable to tolerate the unity of Pakhi and Samrat and even Pakhi is deliberately showing that she is very happy with Samrat, she did the same thing with Pakhi and she starts the drama, Virat is trying her best. fell to tears and vented his anger on Sai; She requests Samrat to stop, but she is unable to stand the emotional drama of Virat and Pakhi. He asks if there is an emotional drama. She says that Virat said that he really wants to revive Samrat and Pakhi’s relationship again, but the next day he saw Virat and Pakhi holding each other’s hands in a cafe. He asks what is in shock. She says that she was shocked in the same way, she doesn’t know what to believe but the truth is that Pakhi and Virat are continuing their romance and she wants to stay out of it. He asks if she is taking transfer from college for the same reason. She says that Virat did something unimaginable; Virat locked her in a room, she came down through the pipe.

Samrat asks Virat why he locked Sai in a room. Pakhi says that he wanted Sai to attend the puja, but when Sai doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to put in that much effort. Virat says whatever he is doing is for the betterment of Sai, he needs to learn something. Samrat asks what he wants to teach Sai. Virat justified his act by saying that Sai was adamant to go to college even after his persuasion, so he had to be forcibly locked in a room. The emperor asks how can he justify his ruthless act. Mansi says Samrat is right, he didn’t expect this look from him. Bhavani says Virat did no mistake in giving explanation and blames Sai that she is rude and doesn’t respect family traditions. Shivani says that some traditions are forgotten, Sai helped her to break out of it and helped her to think independently. Mansi says Shivani is right, Bhavani is accusing a girl who gave this house so much. Shivani says that the one who did nothing for the family is kept as queen. Virat has now started commenting. Pakhi says that she understands that Shivani is taunting her. Shivani says that if she had understood, she would have stood quietly in a corner. Pakhi asks why is she taunting, if she feels that she did nothing for this house, why did they stop her from going to her parents house. Shivani asks if she wants to tell what she did. Ninad yells at Shivani to stop their fight and focus on Pakhi and Samrat. Samrat says that his attention is still towards Sai and asks Virat if he has a valid reason to lock Sai in a room.

Sai explains to Pulkit that he refused to attend Pakhi’s mock ceremony, Virat insists her to attend the puja and locks her in a room, who is challenged to go to college. Accepted the challenge and came here, let her see what she will do. Pulkit says that she can complete her studies by staying at their house. She says that if she stays here, someone will try to bring her back to Chavan Niwas, maybe Virat will. He asks where will she be till then. She says that she will return to Chavan Niwas; She can’t deny that Virat and the Chavan family have done a lot for her, she will stay there until she stays in Nagpur, although she knows that she will be bombarded with accusations; She will not let this affect her studies. Emperor asks Virat how can he think that Sai’s studies will not be affected, she is pursuing medical studies on scholarship and even if she gets low marks, her scholarship will be taken away, so Sai is serious about her studies. Why shouldn’t it be; No one can become a doctor like this. If Virat wants to take responsibility of Sai by locking him in a room. Devi says that everyone calls her stupid, Virat did an insensitive act, and if everyone thinks Virat is right, she doesn’t want to be wise.

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