Ek Mahanayak Dr BR Ambedkar 16 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with Hitesh asking for proof. When Ram and Bhima Rao went inside, Ramji questioned them and they suspected that Hitesh had burnt the shop.

Rama was crying, she was disappointed. Bhima Rao asked him to listen. Ram refused; He was made in Bhima Rao not to care. She left in anger. Bhima Rao sat down. Ram came and asked how he would help Madhavi. Bhima Rao was unaware, Gomti had created problems for him.
The next morning, a guard from Madhavi’s locality and Bhim Rao are called. Everyone including Bhim Rao gathered and questioned the man. The guards warned everyone, they told that Bhim Rao and his wife tried to rescue a woman from their locality. He asks them to keep Bhima Rao under control otherwise the worst that can be done to this neighborhood lady. That man is gone. Hitesh taunted him. Rama replied that he had gone to do some virtue. Jijabai asked a question. Bhima Rao told Ramji that he had met Madhavi there when he had gone to collect the stolen earrings. Bhima Rao went inside. People inquired. Ramji told that Madhavi had tied a rakhi to Bhima Rao in Satara. Hitesh asks Ramji to convince Bhima Rao not to interfere in some other world which may threaten him. Anand took Ramji inside.

Ramji came to Bhima Rao. He understood Bhima Rao’s concern but his efforts to save Madhavi upset everyone. Jijabai comes and says that Bhima Rao will have to leave this house to save Madhavi, he will have to choose between Madhavi and her family. Lakshmi said that Bhima Rao needs to forget everything, because even if he leaves, everyone else will remain there. Rama questions whether Lakshmi will do the same to her sister. Jijabai asked him to be respectful. Lakshmi said that the younger daughter-in-law has started misbehaving with the elder daughter-in-law. Bhima Rao assures that he will not cause trouble to anyone, but he will not leave Madhavi helpless either. Bhima Rao left. Hitesh overhears the conversation, decides to take advantage of the situation. He saw a girl playing with other children.
Joshi was proud of Gomti’s demand. He said that Bhima Rao would not be able to arrange the money. Gomti had talked to Shabnam Bai that Joshi would give her the money she wanted if she was successful. Joshi agreed. He never gave importance to his education before today. Efforts never go in vain. He has found a way to defeat Bhima Rao.

Bhim Rao asked Guruji for help. He took responsibility for any damages. Gurji thought of a solution.

Shabnam Bai asked Gomti about Bhima Rao. He thought he would not come. Madhavi replied that Bhima Rao was stubborn beyond his imagination. Shabnam was waiting for Bhima Rao.

Gurji and Bhim Rao went to an officer for help. The officer agreed to help only when Madhavi wanted to be free, as it is not usually the case. Bhim Rao said that she would like to leave after seeing a better life outside that world. The officers took them away.
Everyone came to Ramji to inquire about Bhima Rao. Ramji did not know. He said that like every time Bhima Rao would trouble him. Rama replied not to blame her husband, he must have gone to find solution for Madhavi. A man came and slapped the laundryman for burning his shirt. He apologized. The man demanded Rs 3 for running the shirt. The man had no clue how to pay him back. Rama came to him and said that if Bhima Rao would have helped and unlike everyone else in this situation, he would have stood by his side. She told him not to speak ill of her husband. Jijabai said that people were worried about Bhim Rao’s absence. Ram went to find him.

Guruji, Adhikari and Bhim Rao went to Madhavi’s locality. Guruji addressed all the women, told that anyone who does not want to work here can come with him, he assured them of livelihood besides this. Shabnam Bai said that those who wanted to go were let go. Bhima Rao asks Madhavi to come. Madhavi replied, she didn’t want to go, said she is fine here. The officer asks Madhavi to start life outside. Madhavi asked who would take her inn. Bhim Rao said that he would take her to the inn, he would give her a place to stay in his house. Shabnam asks Madhavi to tell Bhima Rao about his past. Madhavi asks Bhima Rao to leave. He insisted. Ram intervened and insisted. Madhavi said that she fell into live-in with a boy in Pune, they got married. One day he was brought to Bombay on leave and went here with Shabnam Bai and never returned. Bhima Rao decided to free her from this world.

Precap: Hitesh sees the girl playing. The girl’s father asked her to come inside, she was playing with other children. Ram tells Bhim Rao that Joshi will come to collect the rent. The next morning the girl was missing. His parents were in shock. Hitesh tells Bhima Rao that he will have to suffer the way the girl suffers. Joshi came and said that he would not have any problem.

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Post Ek Mahanayak Dr BR Ambedkar 16 September 2021 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao tries to save Madhavi. First appeared on Tele Updates.


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