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The mehendi ceremony was completed with the color of each other’s love. It glowed outright, brightening everything around it. They got lost in each other when the lights went off and Karthik dragged them and made them sit in the middle.

He heard the sound of the dholak and the lights were focused on a smiling aunty and slowly all the lights lit up

“Bari Barsi Khatron Gaya Si Khat for Leandi Gond,


The groom should twist, be vibrate
Bari Barsi Khatron Gaya Si letter for leendi dates,

The groom’s decided bold big, accept the challenge
K Mehfil Ta Sajdi, K Mehfil Ta Sajdi
Je nache tay-taiya, ke mehfil ta sajdi”

Ahaan’s uncle and aunty challenge and enjoy each other with their cute Punjabi moves.

Jewelery for Barsi Khatron Gaya Si letter
Naughty naughty jeh bride’s brother-in-law hides the paan
Dulhan Ke Devar (Today), Dulhan Ke Devar (Come On)

Kartik comes for it and dances lavishly for his brother and sister-in-law finally gets married tomorrow. He kept watching Shefali while dancing, but how happy he was for Ishkahan.

Bari Barsi Khatron Gaya Si Khat Ke Lianda Maiko
The bridegroom’s sister has forgotten the giddha, now the tongues have been teased.
Bari Barsi Khatron Gaya Si letter for leendi gaddi
Come to tango and give it to the brother-in-law of the bridegroom.
Mehfil Ta Sajjadi, Ke Mehfil Ta Sajjadi

Sonu and Raj come together and do some lovely salsa and tango moves for this, the beautiful couple was celebrating another beautiful couple Ishqan. He pulled Ishkaan and the whole family came together to dance, Maasi also joined him.

Mehfil Ta Sajjadi, Ke Mehfil Ta Sajjadi
Je Nache Bride and Groom, Ke Mehfil Ta Sajjadi
Je Nache Bride and Groom, Ke Mehfil Ta Sajjadi

They all danced to their hearts’ content. Dadi was standing alone in a corner and was crying but no one cared for her and Suraj was not even picking up her phone. She was thinking how to stop tomorrow’s wedding.

After all the dancing they got tired and they all sat down. Everyone was talking about how well the dance festival went. Ishqui was looking for Ahaan, she wanted to dance with him, but she was nowhere to be found.

All the lights were turned off again and this time the lights were focused only on Ahan.

You are like me.
My dream is like you, my eyes are awake

He comes up to Iski, and she looks at him lovingly. He puts forward her hand to pick it up and she gently puts his hand in hers.

Take hold of your hands, let’s promise
From now on you are yours, you are your intention

He looked at her as if only he existed and the room for her had ceased to exist for him. He swung her gently, and they both slowly leaned towards the music.

take my name
Main Teri Rubai
Yours is the same
it’s raining, it’s raining

They turned away and went on to the tune and she held his finger and she went around him.

you are like me

Lips pe thahar ja

I wish you were like a dream

jagun ray in eyes

He drowned her and she slowly followed him downstairs with Ahan, they were lost in each other’s eyes as they listened to the applause. This put them out of their fear.

“It’s just a matter of days, Control Karo Ishkaan” teases Sonu and Ahaan blushes

“Look how you are blushing dear” Iskhi pulls Ahaan’s cheeks

“Sister-in-law Ahan Bhai’s cheeks have gone inside, you will get to feed well to brother”

“Ha ha, absolutely, I am waiting for marriage,” Iskhi says and they both laugh and Ahan rolls his eyes. It was as if both her brother and sister were no longer her, they were more on Iski’s side, but they were proud and glad that they shared such a bond with each other.

Everyone was busy in dinner, Shefali was looking for Kartik to have dinner with her, but she saw that he was already having dinner with some girl.

She thought not to disturb them and sat down so that she could hear what they were saying.

“You dance so well Karthik, I have become your fan. Will you teach me too?” The girl was laughing and saying to Karthik.

Shefali holds her plate and thought “how dare she flirt with my Kartik”

She slowly turned back and saw Karthik smiling at the girl “Why is he smiling like this, his smile is only for me” She thought again.

“Of course, I’ll teach you” she heard him say

“What the hell” he thought to himself

“I still have henna in my hands, can you feed me Kartik” the girl asked while putting on her puppy face

Shefali was so angry that if she had known the magic, she would have actually made the girl a puppy. It was time to stop, she thought and got up

Before Karthik could say anything he heard Shefali’s voice

“Karthik you are feeding your fiancée” Shefali put her hand on his arm.

“Fiance…” both eth girl and Kartik said at the same time

“Yes, that is me, now if you don’t want to be a kebab mein Hadi please go away. You don’t want to disturb us love birds” he said to the girl and the girl left in panic

“Fiance” Karthik questions her

“How dare you flirt with him?” she asks angrily.

“I wasn’t flirting with her” he tries to explain.

“Or are you jumping from girl to girl like my father” she says angrily

“You don’t even know what Shefali is saying.” Karthik also gets angry. He too was tired of being patient with her. he leaves from there

Shefali is still furious when her mother comes and sits in front of her “You need to let Shefali move away from the past, not everyone is like your father, especially not Kartik. He has always been there for you, he has made me feel like you.” He is nowhere like your father. Don’t lose a person like Karthik in your anger and bitterness, he is a gem. Just forgive your father and move on. I will divorce

Shefali looks at her mother as if she has got two horns “It’s time to move on” Her mother smiles and leaves from there.

Shefali’s eyes welled up with tears, she loved him dearly, and he had hurt her. She ran in the same direction in which Karthik went. He looked at the wall.

she came to him, but he was silent

“I’m sorry Karthik, I didn’t mean it”

“Do you always compare me to your father, one wrong thing I do, and it will make me like him” he asks sadly.

“No Karthik, you are not like him, that is all I said in anger. Please don’t be angry, I am just… just…”

Kartik confronts her and waits for her reply.

“I was jealous” she says softly

“I clearly didn’t hear, say that again”

“I was jealous,” she says aloud.

She puts her hand on his chest and pushes it on the wall “You are just my Karthik”

Kartik smiles holding her hand

“Why are you smiling now?” she asks

“Because this is the first time you have claimed me as yours” he says and she looks down in shame, she swiftly changed her position and now Shefali was back touching the wall.

He bends down and kisses her hard pouring all her anger and love into the kiss and Shefali reacts back the same way. As they both kissed them breathless, came panting for air

“I am going to do my best to forget my past, my father and the bitterness. I’m just going to forgive him and move on.”

he held her cheek in his palm

“I just want you to be happy” he says and kisses her again.

Ishqan was happily eating each other. Ahaan gets the same call again.

“Ishki I have to go somewhere” he says

“Tomorrow our wedding is Ahaan” says Ishqi

“Don’t worry I’ll be back by then” he says and leaves


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