Anupama 17 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Anuj/AK’s assistant informs him that the architect informed that he will finalize the hotel design only after finalizing the land for the hotel. AK asks him to schedule his meeting with the legal team. The assistant says that the work on the license formalities has started and is going on. Anu tells Devika to leave if she is done as she is tired now. Devika says that she is scared and must remember how she fought with society and even came; She wanted to make a mark for herself and show her abilities to her children and in-laws and she should do so; He must convince Baa and if his son does not obey, he should warn him to stay within his limits. Anu says it is easy for Devika as she does not have to answer anyone. Devika says that she too has many questions, but she cannot survive if she does not give them a befitting reply; It is a question of women who are talented like her and cannot step out of the house to prove herself, she will be an inspiration to such women; If she didn’t have guts, why did she go to AK’s office and push for the idea of ​​women empowerment; She has the support of Bapuji and Samar, what about other women who need support; Anu is ready to help; When he has started running, he must not stop and fight; The problem is not AK, the problem is the ego of her mother-in-law and ex-husband and it is their problem, not hers; That’s enough after 26 years. She gives his contract papers and says that the woman gets betrayed 100 times, but gets the chance only once. She then leaves saying that she is working with AK too, rest is up to her; calls Samar and says she did her job, it is up to Anu now; Thinks that Anu should at least think about herself professionally.

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Post Anupama 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Signs Contract Papers first appeared on Tele Updates.


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