In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Arya orders Meera to transfer the shares of Vardhan Food Corporation in Mansi’s name. Mansi feels guilty and apologises to Sharada Devi. Later, Anu and Arya’s families perform their Haldi ceremony and ‘mangalasnanam’.


In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, while the ladies bathe Anu, she recalls her ‘mangalasnanam’ from her past life. She asks Padma if she was a part of the ritual before, but Padma denies it. Ramya teases Anu during the ritual. Jalandhar plans to send some poisonous tablets to Meera, so she can give them to either Anu or Subbu to kill them. He writes a letter and asks his accomplice to give it to Meera in a delivery boy’s disguise. Jalandhar further decides to take charge himself if his plan fails again.

Meera talks to Arya’s photo and feels bad for not being able to marry him. Mansi sees this and asks Meera to forget Arya. Meera tries in vain to give an explanation to Mansi, who offers Meera a chance to rectify her mistake. Mansi asks Meera to leave the house after Anu and Arya get married. She fears that Meera will continue to plot against Anu. Mansi’s words shock Meera, who also suggests Sharada Devi may not like her leaving the house. Mansi says that she has the right to take decisions as the daughter-in-law of the family.

When Meera questions Mansi’s decision, Mansi blackmails her saying she will expose her evil intentions to Arya and Sharada Devi. Later, Mansi cooks up a story to Sharada Devi and says that Meera has decided to live in another house after Anu and Arya’s wedding, while Sharada Devi approves of it. Jende too supports Mansi. Neeraj makes sure that the arrangements are fine. Everyone then goes to get Arya ready. Meera wonders how to manipulate Mansi. Sampat wards the evil eye of Anu. Padma explains the rituals to Anu and her friends. Arya’s family shares a banter with him while getting him ready.


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