In the latest episode of Jothe Jotheyali, a worried Anu talks to Sharada Devi about her confusion regarding her strange behavior during her ‘haldi’ ceremony. Sharada Devi tells Anu that it was God’s miracle as the turmeric applied to her and Aryavardhan was sent by God through the occultist.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, we saw how Aryavardhan asks Anu about her intention to become a housewife and not resume work, to which she tells him that she wishes to stay home for a few days and fulfill a few of her wishes. Aryavardhan talks about how he will miss Anu when he will go to the office and teases her when she asks him to return home early from work as she has a surprise planned for him.

At the office, Meera is surprised by Aryavardhan’s arrival and asks him the reason behind his return. He states that he is not someone who will take unnecessary breaks from work and arranges for a few important meetings. Meera notices the lack of bracelet on Aryavardhan’s hand and questions him about the same. Later, Meera is surprised when Subbu calls her and requests a meeting with her. His request of keeping their meeting a secret from Aryavardhan confuses Meera.

Aryavardhan tells Jhende about Jalandhar’s recent actions and asks him to find out his location. He assigns a few important tasks to Jhende and asks him to make Anu’s security his top priority as Jalandhar is targeting her to get to him.

We also saw how Anu once again finds herself in front of the locked secret room and tries to open the door but is caught by Mansi. Furthermore, Mansi tells Anu how apart from Aryavardhan no one else in his house is aware of what is hidden in the secret room. She indirectly asks Anu how as Aryavardhan’s wife, she has the right to question him, and that Anu should use that right to learn the secrets of her in-law’s family.

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