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Dulari in her usual rude manner tells Tripathis that even after being well educated they are all wrong, even an illiterate like her knows that one cannot make someone drunk and the other person and whoever does this heinous act should be punished. Aparna says that Malini is still Adi’s wife, no one knows what happened behind closed doors, even Malini was drunk and the case may go against Adi; When the police inspector who arrested Malini doesn’t believe that Malini molested Adi, how can they. She blames Tamarind for conspiring against Malini as she hates him and wants to rid her of Adi’s life; Adi asks Adi to explain to Imli. Adi holds Tamarind’s hand and asks her to come along. Tamarind resists. Adi drags her forcibly and asks her to come to the police station and withdraw the complaint.

At the C House, Anu’s lawyer Desai brings Malini home on bail. Anu thanks him and asks what they should do next. He asks not to worry as a man will not tell what happened to him, they will withdraw the case themselves. Tamarind refused to withdraw the case against Malini. Adi reminds Malini’s side and says that his evidence is not enough to register a case against Malini. Dev asks Malini if ​​Adi really got intimate with her. Anu asks what is he asking, Malini is Adi’s wife. Dev shouts only on paper and that is because Malini refuses to divorce Adi; He asks Malini if ​​Adi had a wish that night. Adi tells Tamarind that she cannot file FIR against Malini just on the basis of her burnt saree, if Malini is right that she was also drunk, then she will have to pay for it. She says that even a woman can be wrong and she just wants to punish a criminal whether she supports him or not. Desai tells Dev that this case is very weak and that Tamarind’s team cannot prove his allegations.

Dulari sees the Tripathis sitting earnestly and asks them to order jalebis and celebrate Kalini/Malini’s exit from the house. Harish says that he doesn’t know that tamarind is causing trouble. Dulari says Malini should be ashamed for her crime. Aparna says that Malini is still Adi’s wife and the intimacy between husband and wife is normal. Rupali asks how can she be so confident, let the court decide. Malini comes inside with Anu and cries hugging Aparna. Tamarind asks how did she get out of jail. Anu says that when the case is false, then no one can bind Malini and warns Tripathis to withdraw the case otherwise she will file a case against Adi and make them cry for her. Harish says that they also want to withdraw the case, but Tamarind is adamant and does not do what she is doing. Adi tells Malini that he is sorry that he suffered and went to jail for his mistake. Anu says it is not her fault but servant Tamarind’s, her plan failed and she didn’t even get a lawyer for her.

Kunal enters saying that she is right and says that he will fight Tamarind’s case. He says that it is true that a woman usually does not accuse a man, but there cannot be intimacy without mutual consent and that if one party forces the other party, she is guilty and if it is proved If it is found, the court will find Malini guilty. Adi says lawyer like her doesn’t take up the case without any valid proof, so how can she consider Malini wrong. Kunal says he took up the matter as he knows Malini well and if she is guilty, then he should be punished. Malini tells Aditya to let this happen when her own sister sends her to jail, what can she expect from strangers. She leaves. Kunal says he needs everyone’s statement. Harish says that he can do whatever he wants, but his family will not support him. He sends the whole family inside. Kunal asks Adi to stay for Imli, if not for justice. Adi says that night he committed the biggest sin, he cheated on his wife and cannot blame anyone else. Kunal says that if he accepts his mistake, then he should tell what happened and he should drop the matter. Adi says he doesn’t remember anything. Kunal asks how can he consider his wife wrong when he is not sure. Adi says he is unable to understand anything and leaves.

Malini recalls Kunal’s words while returning home and tells Anu that she was not taking it seriously till now, but brought tamarind to Kunal; Will she go to jail if proven guilty? Anu says even the biggest lawyer of the country cannot help Tamarind as she cannot prove anything, Adi is on her side and not of Tamarind and hence she need not worry. Kunal tells Tamarind that her fight is very tough as her husband is on her side, Anu will try to destroy any evidence collected by them, he takes the case for truth and will support her in her fight. Tamarind says that she ignored Malini’s mistakes, but this time she committed a sin. Kunal says that the court will not hold Malini guilty until they gather evidence and their case becomes weak. Tamarind says that she is fighting for her husband’s dignity and will not back down. Mithi tells Tamarind that she is on his side, but will she do if she goes against the one whom she is supporting. Tamarind says she doesn’t know what to do, but Casey assures to support the truth. Mithi says she liked KC for Malini, will he go against Malini.

Precap: Harish tells the family that he has received court notice to summon as evidence. Anu says that the matter is in her favor as she had made an arrangement that Tripathi will not reach the court. Dev listens to their conversation.

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