I stand With Sonu Sood: Actor Sonu Sood became the choice of millions of people due to his continuous help to the needy, who took millions of people to their homes during the first wave of the corona virus epidemic last year. went. At the same time, the Income Tax Department team conducted a survey on Sonu Sood’s house and his whereabouts on Wednesday to investigate tax evasion. Due to which the anger of his fans has erupted on social media. 

Sonu Sood’s fans furious on social media

A large number of people follow Sonu Sood on social media. At the same time, the anger of his fans seems to be erupting on social media regarding this action of the Income Tax Department. Some fans are directly attacking the central government, while many fans are supporting them by tweeting on social media under the name #IndiaWithSonuSood and #IstandWithSonuSood.

supporting actor through tweet

A fan on social media has tweeted with #IndiaWithSonuSood that Sonu Sood sir deserves Padma Shri, not the Red of Income Tax Department.

Sonu Sood sir deserves Padmashree not IT.#IndiaWithSonuSood pic.twitter.com/Upu6D8wuN9

— Choudhry Talim Shafi (@ShafiTalim) September 15, 2021

The person who helped people day and night during the corona epidemic, worked for the treatment of the poor, education, his house is being raided.
You can disturb the truth, not be defeated. #IndiaWithSonuSood#SonuSood pic.twitter.com/I5MxcnZbIF

— Arjun Meghwanshi | Arjun Meghvanshi (@arjun_megh1996) September 15, 2021

Another user attacked the central government and tweeted the picture of Sonu Sood printed on the SpiceJet airplane, writing that ‘The problem was, how did you get more than him.’

The problem was, how did you get more than him. #IndiaWithSonuSood pic.twitter.com/VBxkrWG26R

— Rishabhpatel (@Rishabh09959926) September 15, 2021

#IndiaWithSonuSood pic.twitter.com/DYdICpL7jP

— AMIT RAJBHAR (@amitrajbhar511) September 15, 2021

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