Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16 September 2021 written episode update will help Anita Angoori


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Tiwari gives a new chain to Angoori and tells her to consider it as his Mangal Sutra. Angoori says it is very beautiful. Tiwari says you have to take care of it and now the thief will not survive. Angoori says let me tell you there were 3 chain snatchers earlier, if there was one, I could have handled it. Anu comes inside and says who three. Tiwari and Angoori congratulate him. Tiwari says you know that chain snatching is at its peak in Kanpur. Anu says it is because of people like you. Tiwari thinks he is angry. Better leave. Anu says in which world are you living, nowadays people have reached Mars but you are still in superstition and asks what is the problem. Angoori says Ammaji told me a ritual to do that I have to go to market wearing this gold chain but every time chain snatchers come and I am scared of them. Anu tells Angoori that you don’t need to be afraid now, I will protect you and make fun of Tiwari. Tiwari says okay I will bring tea for you. Angoori says please bring for me too.

David and Pelu on a rickshaw at Bazar. Prem and Master having ice cream. David tells Pelu to stop. Prem congratulates David. David says how is everything going. Prem and Master say take out your gold or else it will be stolen. David says no one can dare to steal my gold. Master says this is not London it is modern colony of Kanpur. David says nothing will happen. Prem says okay now we will go. Vibhu came to David in the form of chain snatcher and said give me your gold. David says I will not let go from here. Vibhu shows him the gun and Din to extract his gold. David give him his gold. Vibhu says now remove your clothes. David gives his clothes and bag.


Happu Singh beating someone in jail. Manohar comes and tells Happu Singh to come out tired and have tea. Happu Singh tells Manohar that this Manni is so stubborn that I got tired of beating him but he is not saying a word. Manohar says even if you use road roller on him he will not say anything because he has three wives and they all used to beat him all day. David came to the police station and shouted help me someone robbed me. Happu Singh tells Manohar that a beggar has come, give him something to eat and let him go. David says I am Vibhuti’s uncle David Mishra. Happu Singh says unless you respect me, I will not file a case. David mocks Happu Singh again he gives him a cold look so David calls Inspector Happu Singh. Happu Singh says its good now tell me what happens to you. David says that Gulsar gang robbed me as soon as I landed in Kanpur. Manohar says it is your fault that you should have called police station after landing so that we can send you to security. David says it means I need bodyguard in my city. Happu Singh says no need to worry we will bring all your stuff to you. David asks then tell me what to do. Happu Singh says first you don’t have to file report, what happened, David asks why is it, Happu says if you are getting things back without report then what is the problem, David says rectification, Happu says give me Rs 50,000, what David asks for, Happu says I have 9 kids and a pregnant wife and commissioner keeps deducting money how do we survive, commissioner comes in and says you for all this are responsible and you still haven’t caught Gulzar gang and cut 5000 more, go and find David’s stuff or else I will transfer you to black water.
The commissioner said to David, “Come on, I will leave you.”

Manohar says to Happu that your salary is decreasing day by day, Happu says that I have an idea to catch Gulzar gang, I will first become Gulzar gang member and steal people, this will help Gulzar gang. The real members would be upset and then I would catch them.

Tiwari, Vibhu, David drinking alcohol, Tiwari asks how are you feeling, David abuses the thief, Vibhu stops him, David says I will ask how a thief mother can raise such a son, but Vibhu Why did he attack me, Tiwari says maybe he is a thief, Vibhu says why would I, Tiwari says you are unemployed, Vibhu says it could be you too as your business is not doing well hai, tiwari says i have a lot of money, david says yes he is right, vibhu says but he is very greedy and cheap, tiwari says he stole my wife’s chain twice and i gave her one more Chain di and this time Anu is with him. Vibhu thinks that I should inform the boys not to attack.

Angoori shopping, Anu hiding and keeping an eye on her, Happu disguised as Gulzar gang member, Angoori waiting to be stolen. Happu says why Angoori and her husband are after sleeping. Happu says let me steal the chain first and when Tiwari comes I will say I found it, Happu covers his face and goes to Angoori. Angoori sees him and asks why is he acting, Happu says I am very handsome in your chain, Angoori says it is 2.5 lakhs, Happu takes out gun and says give me chain. Anu attacks her, Happu says God where did she come from, Anu hits her badly. Anu runs after Happu. As TMT Gulzar gang walks up to him, Angoori gives them the chain and leaves them crying.

Happu in pain, Manohar asks him why did he tease Anu, Happu says why would I, Manohar asks why did he hit you, Happu says I was in disguise and thought I was chain snatcher Manohar asks did he see you, Happu says no I didn’t, Tiwari walks in, Happu says I am tired of this man, why does he keep coming, Tiwari says I should be stolen again I am gone, chain snatchers again stole Angoori’s chain, Happu says look at me because of you, Tiwari says who did this to you, Happu says look, we both are in same boat, because of you My salary is cutting, Tiwari says if you don’t catch the thief then it will be bad. Commissioner comes in, Tiwari tells that it is stolen again, Happu says I am behind the case but stop cutting money, I am already in minus. The commissioner says now you will pay 10,000 for every theft.

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