In the latest episode of Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandyla, Mohit bends on his knees and presents Sweetu with a bouquet of flowers, in front of Omkar.

Later, Mohit requests Maithili to allow Sweetu to leave early to celebrate their one-month anniversary. Maithili agrees, but Sweetu refuses due to the meeting. Maithili then informs her that she and Omkar will manage the meeting. When Mohit and Sweetu leave, Omkar’s reaction baffles Will Maithili learn about Sweetu and Omkar’s truth?

In the previous episode of Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandyla, we have seen that, Sweetu lashes out at Mohit, saying he married her for his benefit. Furthermore, she chides him for receiving gifts from Shaku as he is not being benefited by her and her parents. Sweetu then warns him and takes the gold chain gifted by Shaku from him.

Vasant gratitude to Omkar for staying at his house despite him being responsible for his and Sweetu’s ruined lives. While jogging, when Mohit tries to flirt with a girl, Malvika comes there and insults him. She tells Mohit that his and Sweetu’s relationship should work by hook or by crook. Malvika then gives Mohit some money and assigns him a task.

At the office, Sweetu fumes with anger when Omkar gives her the tiffin. On learning that it has been sent by Nalu, she chides Nalu. Later, Mohit arrives at Sweetu’s office and forces her to introduce him to everyone in the office.

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