In the previous episode of Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandyla, Maithili points out that Omkar and Sweetu make a great team in terms of official work. Rocky shares his suspicion with Malvika and Mohit. Later, Maithili, Sweetu and Omkar perform the ‘aarti’.

In the next episode of Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandyla, Mohit taunts Sweetu, saying she has wrecked everything he has worked for. Moreover, he claims that their marriage has not benefited him in any way. Sweetu lashes out at Mohit, saying he married her for his benefit. Furthermore, she chides him for receiving gifts from Shaku as he is not being benefited by her and her parents. Sweetu then warns him and takes the gold chain gifted by Shaku from him.

Soon after, when Suman mentions Sweetu’s marriage in front of Omkar, Nalu interrupts her. Vasant gratitude to Omkar for staying at his house despite him being responsible for his and Sweetu’s ruined lives. While leaving, Omkar asks Suman to give Sweetu’s tiffin.

While jogging when Mohit tries to flirt with a girl, Malvika comes there and insults him. She tells Mohit that his and Sweetu’s relationship should work by hook or by crook so that Sweetu will go away from Omkar and Omkar will come out of the fuss as soon as possible. Malvika then offers Mohit money and asks him to take his wife, Sweetu, to a renowned hotel in order to impress her.

At the office, when Omkar leaves the tiffin on Sweetu’s desk, she comes and yells at him, but calms down when she opens it. After that, Omkar informs her that Nalu and Suman have sent the tiffin in celebration of her one-month anniversary. Sweetu chides Omkar for tiffin in celebration of her one-month anniversary. Sweetu then calls Nalu and chastises her for keeping Omkar at home and sending the tiffin with him. Later, Mohit arrives at Sweetu’s office and forces her to introduce him to everyone in the office.

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