Hrithik Roshan replied to a fan who spotted a damp wall: Actor Hrithik Roshan is in discussions due to a picture. Actually, the actor has shared a picture with his mother on his Insta account. In this picture, Hrithik is seen sitting on the sofa and taking a photo and his mother Pinky Roshan is also seen in the balcony. Everything was fine till now but there was something in this picture which got the attention of a fan of the actor and he commented and told Hrithik about it. 

Actually, everything was fine in this picture of Hrithik except the wall which is visible in the middle of the picture. In this wall, dampness and crust can be clearly seen at one place. The fan also saw the same and commented on Hrithik’s post on social media, he wrote, ‘Look closely at Hrithik Roshan’s house,’.  Responding to this fan’s comment, Hrithik has also written that, ‘At present the house is also on rent, I am taking my house soon’. According to media reports, the actor is currently living in a rented apartment in Juhu for 8.25 lakh months. 

Hrithik further writes in this comment, ‘And if there is no dampness then how will it be fun to fix the dampness, brother?’ According to the news, Hrithik has bought an apartment in October 2022 last year for a price of 97.5 crores, at present there is some work left in this apartment due to which Hrithik is living in a rented apartment.  Hrithik’s apartment is being told that it is on three floors 14-15-16 and is spread over a total of 38000 square feet, this actor’s apartment has the best view of the sea.

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