In the previous episode, Chahat spots Sundarmani accepting money from the man in a trenchcoat outside the lab. She is about to confront them but gets stopped by Godambari. The man in the trenchcoat leaves by then. Godambari explains to Chahat that she too was following Sundarmani and had seen the man in the trenchcoat showing Chahat’s picture to her. She apologises to Chahat and thanks her for saving Naveli from Aalekh’s clutches and promises to love her like a mother. To get to the man in the trenchcoat, Chahat dons a disguise and appears before Sundarmani. When she gets the chance, she calls the man named Akhilesh from Sundarmani’s phone and demands more money. Soon after, when it is time for Chahat to meet Akhilesh, she gets Bhupender to keep an eye on Aalekh and realises that Aalekh is not the killer. During the meeting, Chahat tries to see Akhilesh’s face, but he manages to escape in time. However, Chahat realises that their enemy is not a man but a woman. At home, she apprises everyone of the development and fears the outcome of failing to prove Neel’s innocence.

In the latest episode, the police arrive at Dhyani Nivas and inform Chahat that they have information that the person who tried to kill Vyasji and Zain is inside the house. They begin to search the house and soon come to Neel and Chahat’s room. They find the trenchcoat in the cupboard, leaving everyone shocked, while Alka accuses Chahat of being the perpetrator.

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