Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Episode starts with Ahilya sharing some problem with Harku. She says Gautam is not wrong, she will think about her son, but Malhar has chosen Gunu ji, how do I ask Malhar about Gautam’s wish, if anyone knows that I have given him Gunu ji’s name. Was refused to take, you understand. Harku says I understand, this is a royal family, there will always be politics, no one can escape from this, Gautam wants to stop this announcement, if you keep quiet today and don’t say anything to Malhar, then this matter can be avoided. But there will be a new thing when Khanderao comes, I find it difficult to get rid of this dilemma. Ahilya says I don’t like this politics.

Harku says how will you like me, innocent Ahilya is alive in you, always remain the same, this simple thinking is your identity, I cannot keep myself away from politics, I got married to Malhar for a political deal, she is busy Was and could not come, I married the sword sent by him, it is better that you accept it. Ahilya says I will talk to Malhar, it will be as he decides. Rashma hears them and says I will see who wins, Gautam or Dwarka. Gautam gets saffron milk for Malhar. He asks her to take it back.

She says you miss Peshwa Bajirao a lot, its fine. He says yes, I am surprised to know how he lost the battle of his life, he passed away two years back, I cannot accept that he is not with us. He says that Ahilya will look after the preparations for the puja and charity. Yamuna and helper talk about worship. Ahilya says I am sure both of you will fulfill this responsibility well. Renu and Sarja nodded. Yamuna gets angry. She asks if it is necessary to donate so many things. Ahilya says yes, for Peshwa Bajirao. Yamuna says so many guards are here, I cannot take anything, Khanderao will come tomorrow. Gautam says Khanderao is coming, I want to make some dishes for him. Bana leaves. Rashma says I can understand your feelings very well, you must be seeing your son after seven years. Gautam says yes, I am very happy. Dwarka comes and says Malhar is sending Gunu ji on a mission, I want to prepare sweets for him. Gautam says its not announced that Gunu ji will be sent.

Dwarka says no one is capable here. Gautam says maybe there is someone tomorrow, we will see. Gangoba comes to Ahilya and says I am preparing papers for work, you can see it and we will hand it over to Malhar. She says ok I come now, I heard this charity is covered by royal treasury, why, it should go from personal expenses, you put it in personal expenses. Go to Gangoba. Hearing this, Yamuna gets worried. she runs. Gunu ji comes to the palace. He sees someone with his face covered. He asks who are you, why are you hiding your face. He looks at Rangrao.

Rangrao greeted him. Gunu ji says you always be alert, how did you come. Rangrao says I came to meet Malhar and give news. Gunu ji says I will be alert, I am Senapati. Rangrao says yes sorry, the message is only for Malhar. Gunu ji says I am his son-in-law, will you hide it from me. Rangrao says sorry, I will only inform Raja. He goes. Gunu ji says he is very loyal, why did he come here, maybe it is a sign of storm. Tukoji says Rangrao wants to meet Malhar. Ahilya asks him to meet her tomorrow. Rangrao says its imp. Ahilya thinks what is it that he wants to meet Malhar today.

Ahilya asks Malhar to announce about the commander later, maybe he will find some other option when Khanderao comes back.

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya Dilemma Mein Hai first appeared on Telly Updates.


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