In the next episode, Mansi confronts Meera for sneakily scheming against the family members. She tells her that mistakes are made by everyone, but only those who correct their mistakes at the right time will be remembered as good humans. Furthermore, Mansi says that she will give her the opportunity to correct her mistake. Meera gets shocked as Mansi orders her to leave the house before Anu steps into their home post her wedding.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Meera tried to provoke Mansi to create rifts between her and Anu. When Arya declared Anu as the Vice Chairman of the company, Meera manipulated Mansi against Anu. Mansi created a scene about not receiving equal status and rights as Anu. Mansi’s complaints hurt Sharada Devi’s feelings, and a furious Neeraj told her that he won’t hesitate to leave her if she degrades Arya’s honour. When Arya returned home, Neeraj and Jende did not let Mansi say anything to him. Shortly after, Arya told Meera to transfer the shares of Vardhan Food Corporation in Mansi’s name, shocking everyone. Upon being questioned, Arya revealed that he had decided on it two months ago, but waited for an approval from the board of directors. Mansi regrets misjudging Arya as he says that the daughters-in-law of their family must be given equal rights and status. An emotional Mansi apologised to Sharada Devi for hurting everyone with her hasty objections.

Later, Anu and Arya’s family members performed their Haldi ceremony and ‘mangalasnanam’, during which Mansi indirectly taunted Meera for influencing her with her negativity. Moreover, Mansi compelled Meera to apply turmeric to Arya and hold a sieve over his head for the auspicious bath.


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