In the next episode, Sonakshi regains consciousness and requests Preeta not to tell Yashvardhan about her accident. Karan gets upset when Preeta requests everyone to take Sonakshi home to look after her. She tries to explain that Yashvardhan could take drastic steps if he learns about Sonakshi’s condition. At Preeta’s insistence, the Luthras bring Sonakshi home. Sherlyn tries to find out about Sonakshi’s intentions. However, Sonakshi warns her that she will always defend Preeta against her. Karan tells Pihu that Rishabh is his elder brother. She renders him and Preeta speechless by asking them why she doesn’t have an elder brother. After learning from Sherlyn about Rishabh’s expected arrival, Prithvi decides to expedite his plan to usurp the Luthras’ wealth.

Sonakshi accidentally tells her nurse that Pihu is her daughter. Meanwhile, Kareena decides to call Neeta, a nanny, to look after Pihu during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. Rakhi, Sameer, Preeta and Karan play a game with Pihu, who gets Karan and Preeta to cuddle each other. The next day, Pihu enters Sonakshi’s room while playing hide and seek with Karan. Sonakshi introduces herself as Preeta’s friend to Pihu. The Luthras are busy preparing for the celebration and Rakhi asks Sherlyn to look after Sonakshi. In the kitchen, Sherlyn and Prithvi get into an argument when the former says that she suspects Sonakshi of having a plan against Karan and Preeta.

Suddenly, an anxious and worried Yashvardhan arrives at the Luthra House with a team of police officers. The inspector asks Karan to come to the police station with him. Rakhi questions the inspector about it and Yashvardhan quickly replies that this can also be discussed after the arrest. A shocked Preeta asks for the reason behind this arrest and the inspector says that they suspect Karan of abducting Sonakshi. While it angers Mahesh and Kareena, the others in the Luthra House are stunned to hear this. Watch Kundali Bhagya serial premiere episodes to find out what happens.

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