Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 15 September 2021 written episode, written update on Digihunt

Sonakshi enters the party, Dev immediately to see her with a smile on his face, he goes to take her hand and brings her to the party.

Some time before the employee appreciates Dev, Sanjana also asks him to shake hands but then doesn’t go so she is forced to watch breakfast, he leaves her when she mentions that she will cook food for him. Will serve a plate but Dev refuses saying that he has just had breakfast as he was late and hence forced to eat while driving, mentions that he will eat it at lunch.
Vicky explains that this is really a big news so why can’t they have a party, Sukhi says that he will definitely call his party team and arrange a wonderful party, but Vicky says that They shouldn’t think of anything, but Khushi insists that it would be really cool when Vicky says that his arranged parties are too old fashioned and if he arranges it all the attendants will think it’s a boring party. So will pray for the coming time when they can go, Sanjana asks permission to arrange it however Dev says she already has a lot of burden so will she be able to do it when Sanjana assures that she will do it. Vicky too agrees saying that she will come up with a new idea, to which Dev had to agree.

At night Shuv insists on having noodles with Ishwari, Dave questions what happened, Ishwari explains that he insists on having noodles for dinner but his wife doesn’t like it because it Unwell, Shuv asks Dev what the gift is for him, he is saddened to learn that it is for his mother, Soha and Aayush ask for permission to watch their favorite animated film, so they have a day off from school. It is holiday, Dev says they can see but Soha tells that they also wanted him and Maa. Watches with them but Dev replies that they won’t be able to do both as they have to go to a party, Soha asks why they can’t go with them, Ishwari kneels down and tells that their parties are really boring so they Everyone will have their own party home and will not invite Dev and Sonakshi, Shuv insists on eating noodles once again, Ishwari replies that she cannot give him dinner at a party, so definitely for her She will make noodles, she signals Dev to leave so he thanks her before leaving.

Sonakshi is sitting on the bench when Dev comes singing, she asks if the mood is still going, he asks her to come and closes her eyes too, she is worried about falling but she reassures. Gives that he won’t let her fall so takes her upstairs, showing him a gift, she questions what it’s all about, he quickly opens the gift, revealing a beautiful outfit for her.

Sanjana has also packed a gift for Dev, she asks her friend what she should wear to the party, but she does not agree to any advice that her boyfriend gives her, Sanjana says that she really everyone will be surprised to see her friend, her friend learns that she has matched her outfit with that of Dev, she warns Sanjana if Dev will not pay attention to it, Sanjana thinks she will This is what she wants because God recognizes her.

Sonakshi reads the pamphlet about the 90s theme party and also about Tab, Dev mentions in excitement that they were finally able to finalize the deal about Tab, so the party is to their success because Entire staff also wanted a party, they mentioned Sanjana is in charge of the party and came up with the theme. Sonakshi worriedly asks if it is not too much for her as she is new, Dev says she thought the same. But he insists that Vicky is helping him. Sonakshi asks what is it because Dev is not interested in all this, he replies that he was still tense about the last time he didn’t take her so wanted him to enjoy this party Lay, Sonakshi mentions that they both will enjoy such a turn when Dev pulls her to leave saying that it is not Dev but Rahul and she is Pooja.

Sanjana shows the dress to her friend, she is worried about Sanjana, she takes her dress to the bathroom while singing a song from the movie.

Soha prepares for the party saying that their party will be really grand and they will not miss their parents either, however Shuv says that he will definitely miss them when Ishwari replies that they have come to enjoy. Will not remember his parents, Ishwari plays a song and they all start dancing.

At the company party, Sanjana asks the DJ to change the music, she is shocked and charmed to see Dev Sir playing the guitar, her friend mentions that she now knows that Sanjana talks so much about Dev Sir. Because she’s really pretty and anyone would have a crush on her, Dev ends up playing the guitar. When Natasha mentions that she’s never seen this side of him, he replies that it’s all about his wife. Because of this, she asks about Vishal, Natasha mentions that she had to leave for a business. Had she not met, Dev would have come first.

Sanjana is mesmerized to see Dev coming towards her, Dev appreciates her for all her hard work when she arrives, she praises him by calling him Dev, but then takes Rahul’s name, explaining that her favorite The favorite hero of the film, Vicky asks about Sonakshi, Dev replies that she has some wardrobe problem, Sanjana immediately questions if she is not coming then will explain that if she comes then she will definitely have a lot. Have fun Dev accompanies Vicky when his friend says that if his wife is not coming then there is only one right partner for him.

They both hear someone taking Sona’s name, they turn to see Sona enter the party, Dev has a smile on her face so they both walk in together, Sanjana is not happy to see him.

Sonakshi goes to meet Natasha and Alina, they both admire her when Sonakshi also tells how beautiful she really looks, both Dev and Sonakshi thank her for how they came so close because of her suggestion, Natasha replies that she will take some credit but they are still together because of their love for each other, Dev makes an excuse when they all go to order some drinks for them, Sanjana bumps into Sonakshi so she leaves the drink, Sanjana mentions that she was pushed by someone but is apologetic for pushing her, she praises Sonakshi on her dress who replies that it will be good as Dev has chosen it, Alina says that her dress is also inspired by some trick, Sanjana mentions that it is from her favorite character.

The host starts the party, she instructs all of them to think of their favorite songs from the past as they are about to travel to the past, Jitin walks into the party saying a dialogue from a movie, Sonakshi asks if she can. What is doing here, Jitin points towards Dev who replies that he is the special guest, Dev explains that it is really hard to stay away from someone and he was not with Sonakshi for seven years, but during that time Jitin Always a true and loyal friend, Jitin was with him. Dev both hug each other, Sanjana says in ten years of their marriage that they both were separated for seven years, she says it is really strange.

Precap: Sanjana is dancing with Dev at a party which Sonakshi cannot stand, after the dance is over, Sanjana tells Dev about her meeting when Sonakshi questions why she is coming between them. They are enjoying.

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Post Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th September 2021 Written Episode Updates: Sonakshi vows to find out Sanjana’s real intentions after going to the party, which first appeared on telly updates.


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