Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15 September 2021 Written Episode Update: Beni attempts suicide


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with Commissioner Reshampal complaining that Benny kissed her cheek and he wants to punish her. Happu asks her to go home and punish Beni. Reshampal says Dayan / his wife thinks that a girl kissed him, so he wants to punish Benny. Rajesh’s father asks if they are talking about their beanie. Happu says he is talking about florist Beni. Papa says that he wants to meet Benny now. Reshpal warns him against the demon Beni and leaves with his wife. Rajesh insists Papa to go home now. Papa asked him to bring his bag. Amma flirts with Papa and asks if he won’t stop by for her and meet Benny. Papa asks Rajesh to make mutton for dinner.

Chamchi, Hrithik, and Ranbir scold Benny for kissing Reshampal. Beni says that he conceived his aunt Vimlesh in Reshpal. He asks if he can’t differentiate between Jhulti Minar/Langti Minar and the beautiful Vimesh Masi and continues to humiliate her. Beni says he will apologize that he will forgive her and will give her daughter Vimlesh’s hand in his hand and cries hugging Chamchi.


Papa gives whiskey brought to Amma and Happu from the cremation ground in Scotland. Amma says that he has come after a long time. He says that she cannot see him again as he has only a few days left and asks her age. Amma asks why is he asking her age. Rajesh reminds how Amma danced during his and Happu’s wedding. Papa says that he realized then that Samadhan ji is not the number 1 dancer. Amma gets angry. Papa continues to humiliate Amma and talks about her cremation business. Amma asks Rajesh if his father always talks about cremation. Rajesh says yes and says that he also jokes with his mother. Happu starts discussing about Benny and praises his nature. Benny comes in and touches Papa’s feet. Papa asks if he would like rum or whiskey. It’s called Benny Whiskey. Happu pointed to him. Benny says he takes a long list of drinks and says he doesn’t take them. Papa says he remembers the name of each wine and orders him to drink Scottish whiskey. Benny angrily throws the bottle. Papa angrily yells at him to get out.

Malaika tells Kat that she wants to join the police department. Kat says that she looks like a child. Malaika says that she looks taller than him. Kat says that if she wears a lehenga, she looks older than him. Malaika asks why is she stuck in the lehenga. Kat says that she gets what she thinks. Kamlesh enters and starts his jokergiri. His drama continues. Beni gets drunk and threatens to commit suicide if he is not ready to marry Vimlesh. Happu and his family pleaded with him not to do so. Children cry. Papa tells him not to be late. Amma scolds Papa. Beni says that if he dies, Rajesh and the old man/father will get all incurable diseases. Papa did not agree. Amma begs Beni not to shake off the ruthless old man and come down. Rajesh promised to marry her to Vimlesh and she was just taking his test. He asks if he has passed his exam. He says that even after marriage, there are many exams left. He slips and faints. Papa asks to check if he is dead. Happu says Benny’s bones are broken, but not his bottle.

Precap: No precap.

Co: H Hassan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Post 15 September 2021 Written Episode Update: Benny tries to commit suicide, first appeared on telly updates.

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