Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Rajesh calls his father and asks how he. Papa says she is fine and asks how is she, if her MIL is alive or dead. Rajesh asks him to come here and check himself and asks where is Vimlesh. Papa says that she has gone to coaching class. Rajesh says that his Amma wants to fix Vimlesh’s alliance with Beni. Papa says it is a good news, Vimlesh’s age of marriage is also passing. Rajesh says that Beni is an unemployed and useless man and she does not want Vimlesh to have an alliance with him. Papa asks what to do then. Rajesh asks her to come here for a day and reject Benny. Papa asks what if he likes Benny. Rajesh says they shouldn’t. Papa thinks that he has found a boy for Vimlesh.

Happu forces Benny to buy a new shirt to fulfill his FIL. Benny asks if the shirt is made of gold that its cost is Rs 1500. Happu says he needs to upgrade himself. Beni says that he is a qualified lawyer from Kanpur Law College. Happu says that his FIL will judge him by his looks. Benny goes to the trial shirt. Happu gets a call and leaves. Benny considers Vimlesh as the commissioner and hugs him tightly. Commissioner Reshpal shouted for help. Happu runs back and saves the commissioner. Benny cut Reshpal’s cheek. Reshpal tells Happu that his friend is an aphrodisiac who had been eyeing him for many days and today he has got his chance. Happu says it is not Mallika Sherawat that her friend will attack on her, it is a mistake. Reshpal continued with the complaint.

Kat tells Malaika that she will wear a lehenga for Vimlesh Masi and Benny uncle’s wedding. Malaika says that Rajesh will never approve of their alliance. Kat says that Benny Uncle Vimlesh is in love with Maasi and their pair looks very beautiful. Kamlesh enters through the window as usual. Kat asks her to choose a lehenga to wear for Benny and Vimlesh’s wedding. Kamlesh says she should wear saree as she will be busy in wearing lehenga. Malaika says that he is talking as if his entire family is wearing a lehenga. Kamlesh asks how does she know. Kat asks if Sudarshan uncle wears a lehenga. Kamlesh says that his father wears lehenga at night and mother wears papa’s dress and they both do opposite work at night. Malaika says whole family is mad and stands. Kamlesh runs away through the window.

Happu while drinking with Beni at night tells him that he did wrong today. Benny says he cannot live without wife, he means Vimlesh. Happu says he needs to impress his FIL and lie that he hates alcohol. Benny asks if his FIL drinks. Happu says yes, but every FIL wants his SIL to be quiet. Benny says he will finish yesterday’s drink today as well.

The next morning Kamlesh waits outside Happu’s house for Kat’s grandfather. Papa reaches the bike and thinks this is the place. He calls Kamlesh as Londa and asks if this is the house of Inspector Happu. Recognizing him, Kamlesh touched his feet. Papa thinks he is beanie and says he is too young for his daughter. Kamlesh says that both of them are of equal age. Rajesh goes outside seeing Kamlesh and gets happy seeing Papa. Papa happily hugs her and asks if she has chosen this Londa for Vimlesh. Rajesh says that he is Kat’s friend Kamlesh and takes her inside. Papa asks Kamlesh to bring his bag inside. Kat gets happy seeing Nanaji and asks what he has brought for her. He says that he works in the crematorium and gifts her a toy mobile. After Malaika the other kids are happy to see Nanaji and ask what he has brought to them. He gives them toffees. Happu meets him ahead. He gives Rs 100 to each child including Rajesh. Hrithik says that he does not even get ice cream for 100 rupees. Amma walks ahead and meets him, asks what he has brought for her. He says that he will bring her cremation material, then says that he will bring scotch made from her crematorium and will gift it to her in the evening. Reshpal calls Happu. Happu walks out with Amma, Rajesh and Papa and asks what happened. Reshpal’s wife beat him up and said that there was a lipstick mark on his cheek. Reshampal says his lusty neighbor Pigtail kissed him.

Precap: No precap.

Co: H Hassan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Post 14 September 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajesh’s father goes to cure Vimlesh and Benny’s alliance first appeared on telly updates.


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