In the latest episode of Gattimela, during a conversation, Suhasini suddenly brings up the topic of her not being Vedanth’s birth mother. Hearing these words, Vedath gets emotional and states that no matter what she will always be his mother.

In the previous episode, we saw Vedanth contemplate how he has changed since he fell in love with Amulya and how he can not wait to get married to her. Furthermore, he is surprised when Amulya sneaks into his room and her love for him. Vedath then asks Amulya about what made her fall in love with him. Amulya describes Vedanth’s behavior and his caring nature, which made her fall in love and this answer delights Vedanth.

Suhasini calls up Kishan and informs him about the failure of her plan. He reassures her by stating that he is working on a plan to get Amulya to stop from reaching her wedding dais. Suhasini is shocked when she notices Vaijayanti listening to her conversation. A furious Vaijayanti confronts Suhasini for trying to burn the wedding cards and threatens to get her arrested if she tries to stop Amulya and Vedanth’s wedding.

We also saw how Adithi gets emotional thinking that just like Aarati, very soon Amulya too will go away from her and how she will miss their daily bickering. Amulya tries to cheer up Aditi. Elsewhere, Kishan asks one of his goons to keep a tab on Amulya’s activity so that he can easily trap her in his evil plan.

Elsewhere, Vikrant and Dhruva wonder about how to reveal Suhasini’s misdeeds in front of Vedath without any backlash on them. During these talks, Vikrant notices Suhasini trying to eavesdrop on his conversation and alerts Dhruva. Suhasini gets irritated when Vikrant and Dhruva talk about Amulya and Vedant’s wedding and gloats thinking how she will be able to stop this wedding.

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