Ek Mahanayak Dr BR Ambedkar 15 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with Bhim Rao saying that he is already late. Anand requested him not to be hasty so that anyone could be harmed. Bhima Rao went to his room.

Ram came to Bhima Rao. He said Anand refused to help. Rama says that Madhavi has tied rakhi on her hands, she should do everything in her power to help her. Jijabai embarrassed them for holding hands.

At night Bhima Rao was teaching Rama. A woman came with her daughter and asked Bhim Rao to teach her too. Bhim Rao agreed to teach him from yesterday. The woman left. Bhima Rao went into deep thought about Madhavi.

A man came to ask Hitesh about the rent. Hitesh said he had enough money to pay rent for the next four to five months, he earned a lot in Rajkot. The man requested for a loan; He had only enough money to pay the rent. Hitesh got angry and asked the person to leave. He was already indebted to them. The man’s wife came, she took him with her. Hitesh asks everyone if they have arranged their rent. Everyone said that they will arrange it in a few days. Hitesh saw Ramji, asked the same question. Ramji asked Hitesh to concentrate on his winning business. Jijabai said that Hitesh would not arrange rent for them keeping in mind his own business. Ramji silences him, Meera asks Hitesh to leave.

Jijabai decided to ask people to ask for more shoes, to earn more. Deepak agreed. Bhima Rao wanted to help Madhavi.

They went to the police station. The policemen refused to help.

Rama said that he himself should free Madhavi. Bhima Rao asked him to go home, it was not a safe place for Rama. Bhima Rao left. Rama refuses to leave Bhima Rao alone, he decides to follow him.

Bhim Rao went to Madhavi’s society. He quietly opened the door, woke Madhavi. Gomti was sleeping besides him. Bhima Rao took Madhavi out of the room, Gomti got up and praised Bhima Rao’s bravery.

When Ram reached the front door, he saw a guard sleeping outside. The guard woke up at a noise, went after him. He was beside Bhima Rao and Madhavi, Rama threw a stone to distract the guard. Bhim Rao and Madhavi escaped.

Madhavi stops Bhima Rao. She refused to leave, saying that the world she lived in was inevitable. Bhim Rao insisted. Gomti came, asked to bargain. She was being given a hefty amount by Joshi to marry Bhima Rao, but she could not. She asked Bhima Rao to pay half of it, equivalent to Rs 200 and she herself would bring Madhavi to her.

At night while everyone was sleeping, Hitesh burnt Rama’s shoe shop.

Madhavi asks Bhima Rao to accompany Rama. She was not the same Madhavi who tied a rakhi to Bhima Rao in Satara. She is no longer someone’s sister. He has to go, no one comes here alone with their wives. Bhima Rao promised to take her away. Madhavi goes inside. Gomti asks Bhima Rao to leave. Ramji said that they will have to arrange for the rent. They should reach home.

When Pooranjan saw the fire, he called everyone. Jijabai shouted. Hitesh was happy that his rival’s shop got burnt. The fire was extinguished. Lakshmi went to see Bhima Rao and Ram. Hitesh inquired. Bhim Rao and Ram came. He asked where had they been for so long. Ram was completely disappointed. He remembered all his efforts to build that shop. Rama said that someone burnt his shop. Bhim Rao inquired. Hitesh asked if he was being convicted. Rama said Hitesh burnt his shop.

Precap: The guard came asking Bhim Rao to concentrate on his work. He tells the people that Bhima Rao had tried to rescue a woman from his house the night before. He warns everyone, that the people of this society will pay for it. Hitesh tells Bhima Roa not to fight with the odds, it may harm the innocent. Bhim Rao is determined to help Madhavi. Hitesh decided to take advantage of this situation.>

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Post Ek Mahanayak Dr BR Ambedkar 15 September 2021 Written Episode Update: Hitesh burns Ram’s shop. First appeared on Tele Updates.


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